$400m for Reconstruction of Mosul and Newly Liberated Areas

Similar efforts will also extend to restoring public transport terminals that serve intercity transport, and reconstruction of key segments of the railway network.

Ibrahim Dajani, World Bank Program Leader for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Mashreq Department and Coordinator of the Iraq Reconstruction Program, said:

The Emergency Operation for Development Project has restored the access of 2 million people to drinking water, improved sanitation and electricity connectivity, and reconnected 2.5 million people through reconstructing transport infrastructure. This reconstruction process has created thousands of employment opportunities for Iraqi people.

“Over 100 water tankers, garbage collection trucks and other municipal services equipment have been supplied. An equal number of electricity generators and transformers have also been delivered and installed. So far, 11 bridges have been reconstructed, with 13 more under implementation, and over 200 kilometers of key road links have been repaired.

The Emergency Operation for Development has created opportunities for collaboration with development partners which will complement the objectives of the additional financing operation. In addition to United Nations agencies, these partners include several governments that have committed to making financial contributions, including government of Germany and Kuwait, and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

In order to promote an inclusive approach in the reconstruction process, the additional financing project will strengthen its focus on citizen engagement mechanisms. These will encourage community participation and enhance ownership of subprojects by beneficiaries and communities.

The project will also establish a transparent and accountable reconstruction monitoring framework that will improve the availability of timely and comprehensive information that is useful to the public to actively participate in the national efforts towards reconstruction and development.

The additional financing operation is aligned with the priorities of the World Bank Group’s engagement in Iraq and the Government’s plan to capitalize on the liberation of ISIS-held areas and the slow recovery in oil prices to reinstate trust with the citizens, namely by implementing critical economic and governance reforms, providing basic services efficiently and equitably and ensuring inclusive and sustainable recovery and reconstruction efforts.

(Source: World Bank)

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