New Food Delivery App to enter Iraq

By John Lee.

Kuwait-based food and grocery delivery app Talabat has announced the expansion of its services into Iraq.

The app, which operates in eight markets throughout the MENA region, will initially launch operations in Erbil in early 2021, before expanding into Federal Iraq in 2021.

Founded in Kuwait in 2004, talabat continues to revolutionise the food delivery ecosystem in the eight markets in which it operates, and has now set its sights on transforming food delivery in Iraq, helping restaurant partners grow through , while at the same time allowing customers to enjoy unparalleled affordability, variety and speed of delivery.

Tomaso Rodriguez, Chief Executive Officer at talabat, says that the organisation is excited to be expanding into Iraq, a country with a rich culinary heritage and strategic importance in the region.

"Iraq is a country with a definite love of food, which is why we cannot wait to enter the market. We're excited to enable that rich culinary heritage to be shared to the broader community by further developing the online delivery experience for customers, and partnering with local restaurants to fuel their growth through our platform, as well as creating employment opportunities for local talent across our operations.

"The Iraqi market has massive potential and talabat can help unlock that potential to get the country back on its feet after many years of turmoil when it comes to technology and digitisation of SMEs in the restaurant community."

Iraqi customers will be able to download the talabat app on the IOS Appstore or Google Play from December onwards.

According to The National, the company owned by Germany's Delivery Hero.

(Sources: Talabat, The National)

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