Why IBBC Autumn Conf will be Different and Full of Promise

From the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC).

Why IBBC Autumn conference will be different and full of promise: Opportunity in Adversity

To be honest, the idea of holding a conference in the year of COVID, might look fool hardy, but sometimes you have to face down challenges and move forward, just like the Government of Iraq is doing. There is no more important time to look to the future to overcome challenges and to equip yourself with insights, intelligence and new relationships that can make the all the difference to your future business.

Iraq has had its fill of challenges, but has navigated them with a formidable resilience, and now finds itself with a Government that is measured, determined and actively promoting the country, while walking a delicate line between geo politics and a subdued oil price.

On 19th November, IBBC is hosting many of the key companies and officials who make decisions on Iraq's future business. We know the Iraqi deputy minister for Electricity, the KRG Minister for Trade and the UEA Under Secretary Foreign Trade and Industry will be present, but we are also confident other significant Iraqi minsters are likely to attend, and our leading members, including BP, Shell, Siemens, GE and International Islamic bank- and many more, will also be speaking and attending.

Now is a great opportunity for change and we believe Iraq won't let the opportunity go to waste. Iraq is at a critical inflection point and the Government understands the importance of encouraging the private sector as a vehicle to solving investment, jobs and diversifying the economy at this time, which is why we are expecting a strong attendance from members and speakers alike from sectors crucial to Iraq's future : Energy, Infrastructure and Logistics, Finance and Tech. On the Tech front speakers from The World Bank, Mastercard, Zain cash will discuss Digitising Iraq and Online consumer behaviour and expectations, in Infrastructure, Basra Gateway, Garda world and G4S join the discussion, and in Finance, we are hosting investor experts including Capital Bank, Belle Finance, Stirling Education and Management Partners.

While IBBC works for it's members, the conference is open to all interested parties, to meet, share and exchange business contacts at the Address Hotel, Dubai Marina, and find the opportunities that adversity brings. As we look to the coming year, we see a Government making good decisions, investing in large projects, understanding the importance of diversifying its economy and also providing work and opportunity to its young population.

Now is the time to turn up, attend and make plans for the future of Iraq, and we look forward to welcoming you.

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