Soran and Zakho to be Autonomous Administrations

The Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq has approved Soran and Zakho as autonomous administrations, in a meeting led Prime Minister Masrour Barzani.

Prime Minister Barzani cited the size and significance of both districts as reasons to grant them autonomy, and proposed that self-governance would ease the workload of people in those areas.

The Council approved the proposal, and relevant ministries were tasked with commencing the legal paperwork.

The Prime Minister also addressed the dangers of unlicensed weapons in the Kurdistan Region. He stressed that owning and selling weapons should only be done with the approval of the Ministry of Interior, who later proposed a draft bill to end unlicensed weapon possession.

Health Minister Saman Barzanji briefed the ministers on the recent increase in COVID-19 infections, and discussed measures being taken to fight off the deadly pandemic.

The Council emphasized that such measures must be implemented in a way that saves lives and protects livelihoods simultaneously, but called on the international community for aid in providing vaccines to the region.

Reorganizing revenue, strategic dialogue between Iraq and the US, and providing fuel for people in winter were also discussed during the meeting.

(Source: KRG)

One Response to Soran and Zakho to be Autonomous Administrations

  1. M Casey 29th July 2021 at 09:18 #

    To fully understand the above article, I am afraid that my reply/comments must include few questions.

    1. I know where Zakho is, as it was part of Dahuk in the Arabian Governorate of Mosul, Iraq. But where and who is Soran? Is this another invented Kurdish name for another Arabian town, village, district, mountain or even river of Arabian Iraq? Like renaming Diyala River as Sirwan? Please Include a map to illuminate us.

    2. Did you notice that the presidents and almost all of the Ministers in Iraqi Kurdistan are Barzanies? In fact, why did Arabian Iraq of all countries had to have two presidents? and why both of the presidents are Kurdish?

    3. Why Masoud Barzani stays in the position of president Iraqi Khurdishtan forever while the presidents of the USA and all democratic republics can only serve for two terms (circa 8 Years)?

    4. Did you notice that the picture above Masrour is that of the Iranian Immigrant Mustafa Barzani and not that of Barham Salih the current President of Iraq?

    5. Why the president and almost all the Ministers are Barzanies? Is Iraqi Kurdstan a Shaikhdum, Principality or Kingdom?