Rafael City Project to be "an Urban Revolution"

By John Lee.

The Chairwoman of Iraq's National Investment Commission (NIC), Suha Daoud Najjar (pictured), has said that the new Rafael [Rafeel] City project in Baghdad will change the direction of investment and reconstruction in Iraq, describing it as "an urban revolution by all modern standards of construction and designs."

She added that the vast majority of the lands of this region belong to or are occupied by state departments and ministries, and are not the private property of citizens.

At a recent meeting in preparation for the project, Al-Najjar presented a detailed presentation of the plans and locations of the lands covered by the engineering survey.

Also attending the meeting were the Prime Minister's Advisor for Construction, Services and Investment, Dr. Sabah Abdul Latif, a number of Director Generals, and representatives of departments in the ministries concerned in the project.

(Source: NIC)

One Response to Rafael City Project to be "an Urban Revolution"

  1. usama aldulaimi 20th September 2021 at 14:50 #

    Dear Mrs Najjar ,,
    Good day ,,

    The idea for alrafeel great idea ,but need alot of study for the site proposal and the output of the project ..
    first of all consultant CH2M this group are projects management and they are not master planners for such big project which its very important for baghdad and other cities from iraq like basra and others ,,iraq need not less than 5 projects .
    my self i am architect /master planner and worked with famous architectural design firm and master planners from USA ,,
    like NBBJ,arquitectonioica,burthill,perkins eastman,and australian
    the designer for dubai festival city the jerde partnership one of the best master planners in the world ,,
    So the project will be great idea and to be design in proper way and uniqe should be by hand of the hand craft people who should study the enviorment and nature of the end users ,,its not only block and infrastructure ..
    so would like to discuss with you and with the responsible who is realy incharge for such huge devlopment ,,
    we should not take any thing from cairo new capital becaus ethe project designed for the egiption people not iraqi who are almost live in houses we have to create some thing fitt to their dreams and requierment and standard of life