Video: The Privatization of Iraqi State-owned Enterprises

The Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) presented a webinar yesterday discussing a road map for the privatisation of the 176 state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in Iraq.

Discussions were based on the recently-published IBBC paper, The Privatization of Iraqi State-owned Enterprises, the lead author of which was Professor Frank R. Gunter, of Lehigh University.

The paper can be downloaded in English here and Arabic here.


Abdul Aziz (Shwan) A.Ahmed


Professor Frank Gunter of Lehigh University

Aziz Khudairi, CEO and Chairman of Khudairi Group

Rana Khalid, Director of IFPMC

Hani Akkawi

Musab Alkateeb

Hadeel Hassan, Managing Director, Al Hadeel Al Hasan & Partners

Please click below to view the webinar:

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