New Projects to Reduce Traffic Jams in Baghdad

By John Lee.

Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani has launched the first package of service projects to reduce traffic jams in the capital Baghdad which is the first of its kind. This launch came during his visit to the Ministry of Construction Housing Municipalities and Public Works.

His Excellency stressed that these projects are part of the commitment and fulfillment of the promises to our people and part of what we have previously included in the government program within the package of services that are an essential part of our duty and the entitlements of our people.

The Prime Minister highlighted the rapid initial measures taken by the government to contribute to reducing traffic jams, which included opening roads that were closed for years, removing a large number of checkpoints, and opening streets in central Baghdad and inside the Green Zone.

The first package includes 16 projects for the development and construction of roads, bridges, and overpasses:

• Construction of the new Central Bank Bridge linking Zaha Hadid Street from Rusafa with the approaches to Nisour Square in Karkh.

• Construction of a bridge at Al-Masafi intersection, linking the Two-Storey Bridge with the Suspension Bridge and constructing the Ahmed Urabi Square tunnel.

• Construction of Zafaraniyeh Bridge to connect the Zafaraniyeh with the Dora-Yusufiya Express, starting from Companies Street in Rusafa to Harith bin Kalda Street, and construction of an overpass on the Dora-Yusufiya Express.

• The road linking Mohammed Al Qassim Highway and Kirkuk-Baghdad Highway through Hay Albasateen and Al-Suraidat.

• Construction of an overpass for Mohammed Al Qassim Highway with the Army Canal Road from Rustamiyah, expanding adjacent streets, building two overpasses, and developing Front Traffic Circle (AlJabha).

• Construction of an overpass over the Army Canal to connect Al-Dakhil Street with Palestine Street (Al-Mohandessin).

• Construction of an overpass over the Army Canal to connect Jamila with Jihad Street-Bab Al-Muadham.

• Construction of an overpass to connect Street 77, the intersection of Qouds Street.

• Developing the intersection of Cordoba (Port Saeed Street).

• Construction of an overpass to develop the Dora-Saidiya intersection on the Baghdad-Hillah Road.

• Developing Al-Nusour Square, constructing overpasses and tunnels, and constructing an overpass over the railway towards Umm Al-Tabbul Mosque intersection.

• Developing Aden Sq. and Sanaa Sq.

• Developing Shalchiya and Tobji intersections.

• Implementing the Talaea Square overpass connecting Baijai Street (80th Street) near the Al-Turath University, passing through Sheikh Maarouf Cemetery and Al Muthana Airport.

• Developing the intersection of Al-Rashid Camp with the Dora Expressway (Al-Mishn Complex).

• Developing the intersection of the College of Fine Arts.

(Source: Media Office of the Prime Minister)

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