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Work Starts on New Tigris Suspension Bridge

By John Lee. The Minister of Construction and Housing,┬áMohamed Sahib al-Daraji [Mohammed Al-Deraji], has laid the foundation stone for the new AlGriat (Jawadain) suspension bridge project in Baghdad. The bridge will connect the holy city of Kadhimiya with AlGriat across the Tigris River. The Minister said that the project also includes setting up entertainment areas […]

$21m to Develop Roads and Bridges

By John Lee. The Iraqi Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction on Tuesday has announced a 25-billion-dinar ($21.5-million) plan to develop roads and bridges across the country. According to a report from Al-Shorfa, the plan involves building three bridges on the Euphrates in western Iraq and one in Kirkuk province. The ministry also plans to renovate […]

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Diyala to Build 8 Bridges

By John Lee. The local government in Diyala has announced the start of construction on a 1.5 billion Iraqi dinar ($1.29 million) project to build eight pedestrian bridges, reports al-Shorfa. The bridges, located in Baqubah, al-Meqdadiya and al-Khalis, are being built to facilitate movement and prevent accidents. Local companies are overseeing the project, which is […]

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Baghdad to Spend $300m on 15 New Bridges

By John Lee. Baghdad is to build 15 new bridges worth at total of $300 million (360 billion Iraqi dinars), in an attempt to improve traffic in the city. Eng. Talib Nejim al-Maamouri, head of Baghdad's Engineering Department, told Al-Shorfa news agency: "An agreement was reached with 33 Iraqi, Turkish and Italian companies to start […]

New Bridge Opens in Salahaddin

Iraq's Ministry of Housing and Construction has completed the Shirqat Concrete Bridge project in Salahaddin province, at a cost of 11 billion Iraqi dinars ($9.2 million). A statement from the Ministry said that the bridge will contribute to smoothing traffic flow in the region, and will help the economy by improving the transportation of commodities […]