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New ‘Dripping’ System in Wheat Production

Specialized teams in the agricultural department in Karbala have succeeded in the experimental production of wheat through the use of dripping techniques. “A research team, led by Eng. Darar Ali Hussein, has conducted the experiment on an area of more than 2 donums (1 donum =2,500 square meters),” a local media spokesperson told Aswat al-Iraq […]

Ministry Studies Market Needs

The Iraq Ministry of Agriculture has said that the domestic production of agricultural crops and eggs has started to supply a big part of the needs of the Iraqi market. A source in the Ministry said that banning the importation of some crops from neighbouring countries comes after studying the needs of the local market […]

$22m Loans from Agriculture Ministry

The ministry of agriculture announced on Wednesday that it agreed to give loans with more than 26 billion Iraqis dinars ($22m) for irrigation projects and to finance small farmers. “Agriculture Minister, Akram al-Hakim, agreed to give 1953 loans totalling more than 26 billion dinars,” said a ministry’s statement received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency. “The […]

Foreign Investments Include Agriculture

Foreign investments do not include only industrial and oil projects in Iraq. Iraq’s Agriculture Ministry is offering land to foreign investors in order to improve the agricultural sector in the country. ( Al SumariaTV )

Agriculture Ministry Prevents Importing 5 Crops

The Ministry of Agriculture has decided to prevent importation of five kinds of vegetables to protect local produce according to the advisor to the agriculture minister. “The prevented crops include eggplant, pepper, okra and beans,” he explained. The prevention takes effect during the high production seasons. (Aswat Al Iraq)

International Agriculture Fair in April

The Ministry of Agriculture announced on Tuesday that it will organize its second annual agricultural fair next April in cooperation with the Ministry of Water Resources. Speaking at a press conference, attended by Aswat al-Iraq news agency, the advisor of the Ministry of Agriculture, Faisal Rashied Nasser, said “the Ministry decided to hold the fair […]

Study on Reducing Water Wastage

An official source from the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, it has instructed the Ministry of Water Resources in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture, to study the possibility of measuring the amount of water withdrawn from water sources to the fields of farmers. The source said that the committee charged with developing an […]

Press conference on Agriculture

The Bureau of Information, Ministry of Agriculture press conference on the agricultural will be held from 14 to 21 April, with the participation of the Ministries of Agriculture, Water Resources, Iraq Exhibitions Company, a group of businessmen and Arab and foreign companies..

Poultry Research Project Ended

A source in Karbala’ agriculture directorate said that  poultry raising research had ended. The project aimed at training farmers to use new techniques. ( Al SumariaTV )

Trade Ministry to Import 209,000 Tons of Rice

The Iraqi Trade Ministry announced on Wednesday that it signed four contracts to import 209 thousand tons of rice from the U.S, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Thailand. “Contracted FOB per ton prices varies from $423 to $534,” the Ministry said in a release on Wednesday received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency. Iraq consumes more than 90 […]

Vegetarian Oil Company Increases Production

The state-run Vegetarian Oils Company has achieved a 25 percent increase in its production in January 2010, compared to the previous month, the Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals said on Tuesday. According to a statement received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency, “The Company’s sales reached 4.09 billion Iraqi dinars (ID) in January 2010, 31 […]

Australians Agree Payout over Bribes

Australia's AWB wheat firm agreed on Monday to pay 39.5 million Australian dollars (35 million $US) to settle a class action for bribing the regime of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein to secure lucrative deals. The former monopoly exporter will make the payment, including interest and costs, to more than 1,000 shareholders and farmers who […]