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Iraq Resumes Bid for Full WTO Membership

At an informal meeting of the Working Party on the Accession of Iraq held on 17 November 2017, WTO members welcomed Iraq’s stated determination to resume its WTO accession process after nine years of dormancy. The meeting further provided the opportunity for the government of Iraq and members to exchange views on next steps for […]

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Trade Ministry Seeks US Support to Join WTO

Iraq's Ministry of Trade has requested support and assistance from the United States to help his country join the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) reports that following talks with the Iraqi-US Commercial Committee, Minister Khayri-allah Babakir [Dr Khairallah Hassan Babiker] (pictured) said: "Iraq has a lot of opportunities that can […]

Arab League Sets Deadline for Customs Union

Iraq’s commercial attaché in Egypt said on Monday that the Arab League has set a 2012 deadline for the completion of a unified customs table in preparation for the 2015 launch of the Arab Customs Union. “The customs tables include all the goods that are traded in the world, and therefore rerquire enormous effort,” Ali […]

New Iraqi Import Tariffs - The Full List

Further to our report last week on Iraq's new import tariffs, you can download the new tariff list in English by clicking on the link below: Import tariffs (English version) The Arabic version is contained in 21 large pdf files, and can be downloaded from the Ministry of Finance: Import tariffs (Arabic version) Iraq Business […]

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Iraq Seeks Permanent Membership of WTO

The director of economic relations in the Federal Trade ministry said on Monday that his ministry backed the World Trade Organization (WTO)’s decision to enter into a third round of negotiations over granting Iraq permanent membership. Hashem Hatem told AKnews that Iraq is working to a well-prepared plan to raise its status from observing member […]

Iraq Urges Creation of “Exclusive” Arab Trade Organization

An adviser to the Iraqi prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, said on Thursday that in the coming Arab League Summit in Baghdad, Iraq will push for the creation of an “exclusive” Arab trade organization, similar to the World Trade Organization (WTO). The organization is to boost trade and economic cooperation among the oil producing, industrial and […]

Iraq wants to join WTO

We reported last month that Iraqi Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Mahmoud al-Sheikh Radhi, had rejected the idea that Iraq should join the World Trade Organization (WTO); now a source in the outgoing Iraqi government said on Monday that Iraq is in negotiations to become a member. An Iraqi task force was established in […]

Iraqi Labour Minister Rejects Joining WTO

The Iraqi Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Mahmoud al-Sheikh Radhi, has rejected the idea that Iraq should join the World Trade Organization (WTO). “My ministry examined this issue considering its effects on the levels of labor and unemployment,” the minister told Aswat al-Iraq news agency on Sunday. He noted that his ministry has conclusively […]