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Election Watch – Partial Results from All Constituencies

The BBC reports that partial results are now in from all 18 provinces, and Nouri al-Maliki has strengthened his lead over main rival Iyad Allawi. His State of Law coalition is leading in seven provinces, including Baghdad and Basra. Baghdad is the largest constituency, with 70 seats from the total of 325. The Iraqi National […]

Election Update – al-Maliki in the Lead

BBC reports that the first partial results have just been released. The provinces of Najaf and Babil, in the Shia south, give Mr Maliki's State of Law coalition 124,734 votes in total, with at least 30% of votes counted, followed by 103,583 for the Shia-dominated Iraqi National Alliance. Final results for all 18 provinces are […]

Now the Real Work Begins

Sunday's election was long anticipated and keenly contested, and it will take many more weeks of negotiations before we finally know how the next government will look. Democracy is hard work, but most now seem to accept that it is vastly preferable to the alternatives. And while the horse-trading continues, it's essential that those in […]


Preliminary Election Results Expected This Week

An estimated 62% of the 19 million eligible voters went to the polls in Sunday's parliamentary elections – this was down from the 75% seen in the 2005 elections, but was still a very respectable turnout. Preliminary results should be available this week, but final official results will not be declared until the end of […]

Maysan Oil Company

Maysan Oil Company - update from the local Basra press; Drilling of Halfaya Well/7 is finished, and drilling operations are due to start at Halfaya Well/9, and what should be noted that Halfaya Field- which is located to the south-west of Amara City- is considered one of the most important oil fields in Maysan, which […]

Basrah International Airport

The Basrah International Airport (BIA) Director, Mr. Abdulameer Kanim has released the following information regarding leasing of available land space on the Basra Airport footprint: • The Basrah International Airport (BIA) Director has stated that companies (domestic and international) can lease land within the BIA airport grounds (outside of the USF-I COB limits) for a […]