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Kurdistan Attracts $12 Billion Investment

According to a report from Reuters, Iraqi Kurdistan’s investment body says the region has attracted more than 12 billion US dollars from local and foreign investors in non-oil sectors over the last three-and-a-half years, mainly in housing. Of this $12 billion, $3.1 billion was from foreign sources, and this would been higher had a $6 […]

German Firms to Build Low-cost Housing in Baghdad

A number of German companies presented a proposal to build low-cost housing units in Baghdad, the Investment Commission of Baghdad said on Wednesday. The proposal was made during an investment conference held between German and Iraqi businesses. The Chairman of the Commission stressed the need for more investment in residential developments. (Sources: Aswat Al Iraq, […]

Engineers Arrested As School Collapses

Three engineers were arrested on Tuesday after the collapse of a school in the south of Sulaimaniya, a judicial source said. “The three engineers are responsible for the establishment of the school, which collapsed on Monday (Feb. 15) in central Klara district in south of Sulaimaniya, during which seven workers were wounded,” the source told […]

Indian Company Considers Investment in Basra

Aswat Al Iraq reports that an Indian contracting company met with officials from the Basra Investment Commission on Tuesday to discuss possible ventures in the area. “The company has put forward several investment projects in the fields of housing, oil and agriculture to be implemented in the province,” the Commission told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. […]

Agency to protect Baghdad’s architectural heritage

Fawziya al-Maliki, an elegant and determined 44-year old, is spearheading Iraq’s efforts to preserve what architectural treasures remain in the war-ravaged country, but her job is proving dangerous. With many Iraqis fiercely opposed to letting cultural concerns undermine their financial interests, Maliki received death threats in early February for prohibiting the demolition of an old […]

New Infrastructure in Wassit

Six projects involving roads, bridges and a water unit, have been approved for Wassit province. Total value is approximately $26m. Additionally, the provincial council has signed a contract with a number of foreign companies to build housing units for teachers.

Swiss Firm Wins Housing Contract

(Source: Aswat Al Iraq) Aswat Al Iraq reports the signing of an agreement on Tuesday between al-Muthanna provincial authority and a Swiss firm to build 3,000 furnished residential units for poor families in the province. Each unit will be sold for approximately $5,000.

Conference to Show Designs in Wassit

Local authorities in Wassit Province held on Monday a conference to show engineering designs of the first investment residential compound in Kut city. “The project will cost $41 million,” Majid al-Itabi, the Wassit provincial media director, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. He said that the compound will be executed by two local companies under U.S.–British […]

Iraq, Turkey Consider Cultural, Scientific Cooperation

Iraqi Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research Abad Dhayyab al-Ojaili discussed with Turkish President Abdullah Gul in Ankara on Friday means to further cultural and scientific cooperation between the two sides, the ministry’s information director said on Saturday. “Minister Ojaili and President Gul signed memorandums of understanding to exchange experience and offer studying chances […]

New Rural Road in Wassit

The Wassit Gov. Lateef Hamad al-Turfa on Tuesday laid the foundation stone of a new rural road south of Kut city. “The road’s length will be 37.5 km,” Majid al-Itabi, Wassit’s media director, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. He said that the project will cost ID3.88 billion. “The road will be executed by a local […]