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US-Donated Computers for Children Missing

The U.S. military is demanding to know what happened to $1.9 million worth of computers purchased by American taxpayers, and intended for Iraqi schoolchildren, that have instead been auctioned off by Iraqi officials for less than $50,000. Reports from Associated Press and al Jazeera say the shipment of computers intended for schoolchildren in the central […]

JOBS IN IRAQ - Our New Free Service Starts Today!

We launch our new Jobs in Iraq page today on the IBN web site in response to reader demand. This is a free reciprocal service for Recruitment Agencies and Employers with jobs on offer in Iraq. For readers it provides a welcome source of employment options in a country crying out for skilled labour and […]

Hundreds of Iraqi Schools Built and Repaired

The Ministry of Education has built 125 schools in the past six months, according to a report from Azzaman. Sahar Abdulamir, the ministry’s information officer, said 87 schools have been refurbished and repaired over the same period. “We have also added new annexes and extensions to 52 more schools,” she added. Abdulamir said the ministry […]


Lebanese International University to Open in Baghdad

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq announced on Thursday that the Lebanese International University (LIU) is to build a campus in Baghdad during the coming academic year, according to a report from AKnews. "The Ministry signed a memorandum of understanding with the LIU to open a branch in Baghdad ", said […]

German School to Open in Kurdistan

A German-language school in the Kurdistan Region’s capital of Erbil will be inaugurated on Sept. 16, and will start admitting students for the 2010-11 academic year, according to a report from AKnews. “It is going to be the first private school in Kurdistan that is supported by the German government and it will become a […]


402nd AFSB Bringing Sustainability to Iraq

JOINT BASE BALAD, Iraq - In 2007, a Soldier in Talil came up with a simple idea to foster relations between the United States military and Iraq - provide desperately needed engineering textbooks to a local Iraqi university. Working through connections with his alma mater, Oregon State University, then-Captain Joshua Mater, who was a Civil […]

Five Companies Compete to Create Science Park in Kirkuk

The Director General of Education in Kirkuk has confirmed that 5 engineering companies are competing on the draft design for the implementation of the second phase of the Science Park, at a cost of 4.66 billion Iraqi dinars [$4 million]. The director of school buildings, Khalaf Khalil Nasif, stressed the importance of the designs regarding […]


Campaign to Improve Computer Literacy

ICDL GCC Foundation, the governing body and the certification authority of the International Computer Driving License program in GCC and Iraq, called on more participation from the private and semi-government businesses to support further digital awareness among all sectors of society through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. Everyone is ultimately a stakeholder from a […]


Lesson 6: Inviting Friends for Dinner

The bellman brings Ryan’s bag to the room. Bellman:  Ustaath, wehn aHuT il janTa? العامِل: أُستاذ وين أحُط الجَنطه؟ Sir, where may I put the bag? Ryan:  Rajaa’ann HuTha ‘all sirir. راين: رجاءً حُطها عالسِرير. Please put it on the bed. Bellman:  Ustaath, inta tiHtaaj ba’ad fed shi? العامِل: أُستاذ، إنتَ تِحتاج بَعَد فَد شي؟ […]

Vocabulary – Lesson 6

Iraqi عربي English ustaath أُستاذ sir aani aHuT آني أحُط                        I put HuTa (m) حُطه                             put it (m) HuTha (f) حُطهه                           put it (f) ‘ala على on il siriir السِرير                          the bed inta tiHtaaj إنتَ تِحتاج                     you need fed shi فَد شي                          something ba’ad fed shi بَعَد فَد شي                    something, anything else musaa’adtak مُساعَدتَك                      […]


New Patent Center for University Students

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has opened a centre for students who have been awarded patents, according to the head of the ministry’s media department. "An innovation and excellence center for University students was opened in Baghdad and it caters to the outstanding and creative students that won patents and awards," Siham […]