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Vocabulary - Lesson 5

Iraqi عربي English ashkurak أشکُرَك                  I thank you shgad شگد                     how much, how many nisayt نِسیت                    (I) forgot gilitlii گِلِتلي (you) told me alfehn الفين two thousand aani at-thekkar آني أتذَکَر                         I remember aani ariid آني أرید                           I want aani adfa’ آني أدفَع                          I pay aani adfa’lak آني أدفَعلَك                   […]

Lesson 5 - At The Hotel

LESSON 5:  AT THE HOTEL AHmed drives Ryan to the front door of the Baghdad Hotel. AHmed:  Haatha  finduq  Baghdad.  Itfathal, ustaath. أحمد: هذا فِندُق بَغداد . إتفَضَل أُستاذ . This is the Baghdad Hotel.  Please, sir. Ryan:  Ashkurak.  Shgad il ujrah?  Aani nsayt inta shgilitlii. راين: أشکُرَك . شگد الأُجره‌ ؟ آني نسیت إنتَ‌ […]

Are there really people in 112 countries waiting to hear from you?

Is your business in Iraq or going to Iraq or just thinking about it? Either way our community of subscribers and readers in 112 countries will almost certainly contain people who could become customers or influence buying decisions. Some of them may already be customers. Either way, telling them about your business, keeping your name […]

Lesson Four - At the Road Block

An Iraqi soldier at the roadblock motions for Ryan’s taxi to stop and then walks up to the taxi. AHmed:  SbaaH ilkhair. أحمد: صَباح الخیر  . Good morning. Soldier:  SbaaH innuur.  Wehn rayyiH? جندي: صَباح النور . وین رایح ؟ Good morning.  Where are you going? AHmed:  Aani da aakhuth haatha l Amriiki l finduq […]

Iraqi Educators Take Note of US Springfield Institution

Five Iraqi educators touring an English teaching facility on Wednesday, met with admission officers for international students and learned about technical education in the Ozarks, Missouri, USA. "It's very suitable for our students to be here. The Iraqis will be comfortable studying and learning here," concluded Sabah N. Alwachi, director of international cultural relations at […]


LESSON 3: TAXI RIDE TO THE HOTEL Ryan approaches a taxi parked at the curb of a busy Baghdad street. Ryan:  Il’afuu, akhi. راين: العفو ، أخي . Excuse me, sir. Taxi driver AHmed:  Na’am, ustaath    ! أحمد سائق التاکسي : نعم ، أُستاذ ! !                    Yes, sir  ! Ryan:  Inta tu’ruf wehn finduq Baghdad? […]


After meeting an Iraqi man, Ustaath Karim, on the street in Baghdad, Ryan wants to ask for directions. Ryan:    Tigdar tgulli wehn finduq  Baghdad, bya shari’? Qariib minna? راين: تِگدَر تگولي وین فِندُق بَغداد بيا شارِع؟ قریب منا؟ Ryan:  Can you tell me where Baghdad Hotel is, on which                                                    street?  Is it close to here? […]

Lesson One - Learning Iraqi Arabic

Ryan, an American in Iraq, approaches Karim, an Iraqi, on a street in Baghdad. Ryan:  MarHaba, ustaath.                                       Hello, sir. راين: مَرحَبا أُستاذ. Karim:  Ahlan wa sahlan.  Shlohnak.                     Hello.  How are you? کریم: أهلاً وسَهلاً ، شلونَك Ryan:  Zehn.  Al Hamdulillah.  Aani ismi Ryan. Good.  Praise be to God.  My name is Ryan. راين: زین ، […]

Textbooks Sale Ban in Basrah Markets

Vice education and teaching department manager in the governing council, Ghanim Abed Al-Amir, disclosed the arrest of someone stealing books from the school supply department He stated to eye media "The person stealing the textbooks is working as a guard near the school supply department. He was sneaking in at night. A large number of […]

Romania Offers 10 Scholarships to Iraq

The Romanian government has offered the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education 10 graduate scholarships. “There are three scholarships to earn a masters degree, and seven to earn the doctorate grade,” the Ministry said in a release on Sunday received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency. It explained that the scholarships embrace the fields of biotechnology, medical […]