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Weekly Security Update for 11th August 2011

Levels of violence neither escalated nor decreased significantly in Iraq over the past week, although thankfully conditions are currently quieter than earlier in the summer. Across the country there were no reported kidnappings or suicide bombings, which is a welcome change from normality. It is likely that militants are lying low at present, partly because […]

Iraq’s ‘Dodgy’ Power Generation Deals

Reuters reports that Iraq’s government has admitted to being duped when it signed multi-billion dollar power plant contracts with foreign companies that it later discovered were either bogus or had lied about their financial status. The announcement is embarrassing for Nouri al-Maliki’s government as it tries to lure foreign investors into Iraq. “These contracts damaged […]

Arson Epidemic Linked to Corruption Investigations

In Iraq almost all official records are kept on paper. So what better way to kill the paper trail that corruption investigators are tracking, than burn the evidence? A rash of fires inside government buildings has led to calls for further investigation. A recent rash of small fires inside the offices of various ministries and […]

Politician Injured in Rocket Attack

Iraqi politician Ayad Jamal ad-Din was injured in a rocket attack on his home earlier in the week. The weapon, believed to have been fired from southern Baghdad, slammed into his house in the normally quiet district of Jadriyah. He may be the latest victim of a string of attacks targeting politicians, mid-level ministry employees […]

Weekly Security Update for 3rd August 2011

Levels of violence rose slightly in Iraq over the past week although conditions remain quieter than much of the year so far. Fewer than 50 people were killed, which is a moderate figure by Iraqi standards, albeit still abhorrently high. A notable number of the dead and injured were caught up in a double suicide […]

Total CEO Faces Trial over Oil-for-Food

A French magistrate has decided to send giant Frence oil company Total and its chief executive to trial on charges that the company engaged in corruption during the United Nations oil-for-food program in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, according to Reuters. The magistrate is sending the company to trial on charges of corruption and involvement in fraudulent […]

China’s Iraq Investment

By By Mu Chunshan. Originally published in The Diplomat, and re-produced with permission by Iraq Business News. The visit by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to China didn’t just fail to grab much international media attention – there was also little coverage in the Chinese media, too. Most Chinese associate Iraq with Saddam Hussein and […]

Trailing Iraq’s Cigarette Smugglers

Bandits, border guards and big profits NIQASH’s correspondent follows the illegal nicotine trail, as he joins local smugglers taking cigarettes into Syria. Dodging border guards and bandits, he meets the locals risking their lives to deliver millions of profitable packs to smokers every day. Several days ago, two soldiers and a member of the public […]

$13bn Iraq-US Deal may be Cancelled due to Corruption

An arms deal under which Iraq would buy $13 billion in American weapons has been recommended for cancellation by the Iraqi parliament’s integrity committee, reports AKnews. The deal has been criticized for involving extensive financial corruption. A member of the committee, Aliya Nussaif, told AKnews that the parliament has passed a request by the committee […]

US Transfers Basra Port Security to Iraq

AFP reported on Tuesday that Iraqi forces took charge of security at Basra’s oil export terminals at the southern port of Basra from US troops. Nearly 80 percent of Iraqi oil is exported through the south. “Today, we took charge of the oil terminals at Basra from the Americans,” an Iraqi navy official said, speaking […]

Weekly Security Update for 20th July 2011

  Levels of violence fell slightly in Iraq last week, but there were still over 60 separate incidents recorded. Given a slight decline in the number of attacks recorded since July AKE has lowered the security risk rating for the country on Global IntAKE. Violence remains concentrated in Baghdad, Mosul and Kirkuk although attacks were […]