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Reports of New Fake Dinars in Circulation

On Wednesday a number of currency dealers in southern Iraq’s Nassirya City reported the spread of a new counterfeit 10,000-dinar notes, according to Aswat al-Iraq. “We have noticed the existence of a false 25,000-dinar currency in the market, being cautious against it, but a new false 10,000-dinar note, with a very close print to the […]

Conditions Worsen

Levels of violence are rising in Iraq. While some commentators in the press are referring to the increase as a spike, regular readers of Iraq Business News will understand that the rise has actually been very gradual – but consistent – with the number of attacks building up all the way from the beginning of […]

Mines Removed from Irrigation System Near Halabja

MAG (pronounced “Mag”) – Mines Advisory Group – is a neutral and impartial humanitarian organisation that clears the remnants of conflict for the benefit of communities worldwide. In May, a team from the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) were working in the mountains near Halabja, Sulimaniyah to restore a traditional irrigation system for a nearby […]

Weekly Security Update for 23rd June 2011

Overall, levels of violence fell in Iraq over the past week, but the rate of weekly incidents has continued to fluctuate in recent months and the improvement is likely to be temporary. There have been three recent suicide attacks, targeting provincial government buildings and the police. Two of these attacks have taken place in the […]

Iraq Must Regulate Private Security Firms – UN

A UN working group said on Thursday that Iraq should tightly regulate private security firms to prevent abuses by their employees when they stay on in the country after a scheduled U.S. military withdrawal. While the number of incidents involving private military and security companies in Iraq has decreased in recent years, the Government should […]

Iraqi Army to Guard Pipelines and Refineries

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has ordered the army to increase its protection of the country’s pipelines and refineries. “Any breaches will cause problems at the Dora [Doura, Daura] and Baiji [Bayji] refineries (pictured) and the pipelines feeding the power stations,” Maliki said yesterday during a televised Cabinet meeting on the government’s performance during its […]

Exiled TBI Boss Denies Allegations – Open Letter from Bank’s Advisor

The exiled former head of the Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI), Hussein Al-Uzri [Hussein al-Azri], has denied allegations of corruption and mis-management in a telephone interview with Reuters. “It’s about control of this bank,” the U.S.-educated banker, aged 48, told the news agency in his first media interview since fleeing Iraq. “Having control of the […]

Weekly Security Update for 15th June 2011

Overview Levels of violence rose in Iraq last week, making it the worst recorded by AKE since the national elections were held in March 2010. There were over 90 separate attacks documented, mainly in Baghdad and the districts surrounding it, although the southern city of Basrah also saw a rare suicide attack, potentially conducted by […]

Iraq’s Missing $6.6bn – Theft Not Ruled Out

The Los Angeles Times reports that theft has not been ruled out by auditors trying to trace $6.6 billion [7.9 trillion Iraqi dinars] of missing cash. A total of $12 billion in shrink-wrapped bricks of $100 bills was flown to Iraq in 2003 and 2004 to pay for public services, contractors, and general reconstruction. More […]

Basrah Suicide Attack

A suicide bomber killed at least five police officers when he rammed a car laden with explosives` into a compound in Basrah. The attack on 13 June also left several more people injured. Suicide bombings are a favoured tactic of violent jihadi and predominantly Sunni terrorist organisations. This bracket includes groups such as the Islamic […]