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Iraq Reopens 2 Border Crossings with Iran

By Adnan Abu Zeed for Al-Monitor. Any opinions expressed are those of the author(s), and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi received a phone call from Iranian President Hassan Rouhani May 11 asking him to accelerate the procedures for reopening the border between the two countries for trade. "We are […]

Dangers persist as Iraqi Border Crossing Opens

By Shelly Kittleson for Al Monitor. Any opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News.  Dangers persist as Iraqi border crossing opens and IDPs return US troops started pulling out of northeastern Syrian territory held by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in late October prior to […]

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Iraq reopens Syria Crossing

By John Lee. Iraq reportedly reopened the Al-Qaim border-crossing with Syria on Monday, following a closure of eight years. Syrian Interior Minister Mohammad Khaled al-Rahmoun, is quoted as saying that the opening signified “the victory of the Iraqi and Syrian people over all terrorist groups, especially Daesh.” According to Reuters, the crossing is crucial for […]

Jordan Closes Borders with Syria and Iraq

By John Lee. Jordan has reported closed its borders with Syria and Iraq following the suicide bombing that killed six soldiers at a Jordanian army camp. The Jordanian government said that there won't be new refugee camps and that the existing ones won't be expanded. (Sources: ANSAmed, Newsweek)

Video: Kurdish Forces Keep Iraqi Troops from Syrian Border

By John Lee. Iraqi Kurdish security forces have prevented Iraqi government soldiers from reaching a disputed area that borders Syria, according to this video from Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera's Omar Al Saleh reports from the Fishkhabour border crossing between Iraq and Syria: (Source: AlJazeera)

KRG Minister Calls for New Turkish Border Crossing

The Kurdistan Region’s Minister for Commerce and Industry has said that a new Turkish- Iraqi border crossing point is needed to reduce the traffic at the Ibrahim Khalil [Ibrahim al Khalil] gate, according to AKnews. The Ibrahim Khalil crossing (pictured) is the only official route connecting the Kurdistan Region to Turkey, and hundreds of trucks […]

Reopening of Sazan Border Crossing Abandoned

Halabja's deputy mayor said Iran has rejected reopening the Sazan border crossing, located near Halabja in Sulaimaniya province. In a statement to AKnews on Sunday, the deputy mayor, Goran Adham, quoted the Iranian consul to Sulaimaniya as saying that an Iranian committee visited the crossing and voiced their reluctance to open the gate again. All […]

Iraq Govt Allows Kuwaitis to Recover Real Estate Seized by Saddam

Iraq has agreed to allow Kuwaitis who owned real estate in Iraq to recover property seized under Saddam Hussein's regime after the invasion of Kuwait 20 years ago, according to a report from Reuters. Kuwaitis can recover their Iraqi property provided there is no legal decision prohibiting it, Iraq’s government spokesman, Ali al-Dabbagh (pictured), said […]

Oil Ministry Calls For More Border Crossings

The Iraqi Oil Ministry is seeking to open more border crossings to make it easier for foreign firms to bring their oil equipment to Iraq. “Foreign firms working on boosting Iraq’s oil production submitted a request to the Kuwaiti authorities to open a border crossing so that they can bring their equipment into Iraq,” a […]

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Govt Allows Private Sector to Invest in Border Services

The Iraqi government announced on Tuesday that it has decided to allow the private sector to invest in services for border crossing points, according to spokesman of the government. “The government agrees also to allocate an independent budget for crossing points within 2011 budget and to coordinate with crossing points in Kurdistan region with the […]

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