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British Airways Defends Flight Plans

By Patrick M Schmidt. Willie Walsh, Chief Executive Officer of British Airways (BA), defended the company’s decision to continue allowing their flights to across through Iraqi airspace. BA flights to Dubai and Doha regularly operate over Iraq for a portion of the flight. "We fly over Iraq because we consider it safe. If we thought […]

Oil Price Surges amid Iraq Turmoil

By John Cookson. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. Traders will tell you the price of oil is a speculative market based on expectations. Most of Iraq's oil production is from the mega fields in the south, far from any fighting. But […]

More Flights to Baghdad

One of the fastest growing business jet destinations wasn't much more than a smoking hole a few years ago but Baghdad is back. According to BusinessWeek, Lufthansa will start scheduled service next week and Royal Jet, which operates 11 corporate aircraft is reporting brisk business carrying oil executives and other business leaders to the calmer […]