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Iraq Buys Wheat and Rice

Reuters reports that Iraq has bought 300,000 metric tons of wheat and 150,000 tons of rice According to Hassan Ibrahim, Director General of the Iraqi Grain Board, the rice was all from Thailand, while the wheat was: 150,000 tons from Australia; 100,000 tons from Canada; and, 50,000 tons from Kazakhstan. (Source: Reuters)  

Sonoro Energy Shares Jump on Iraq Farmout

Shares in Sonoro Energy rose 11% on Thursday following its announcement that the company, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Sonoro Energy Iraq B.V. (“Sonoro Iraq”), has entered into a Farmout Agreement with Geopetrol International Holding Inc. and its subsidiary, Geopetrol Iraq Corp. The Agreement provides for the assignment by Sonoro to Geopetrol of a thirty percent […]

$850m Housing Projects for Karbala

The Karbala Investment Commission laid the cornerstone for four housing developments valued at a total of $850 million [1 trillion Iraqi dinars], and consisting of about 11.000 housing units, Media Director Raed al-Asali told Aswat al-Iraq: The first project will be carried out by a Chinese company to erect 1,300 housing units in Hur area, […]

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