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Report Documents Security Violations Against Protesters

Daring to kill and an absent justice: Report documents Iraqi security violations against protesters The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor urged the Iraqi authorities to open a comprehensive investigation into all the killings, kidnappings and torture Iraq has witnessed since the protests broke out last October 1 and to ensure it is independent, and to release […]

Campaign to Stop Lethal Force Against Protesters

Euro-Med Monitor launches advocacy campaign to stop the bloodshed against peaceful protesters in Iraq The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor has sent letters to the European Union and the French and German governments, urging them to exert pressure on the Iraqi government to stop the use of lethal force against ongoing popular protests, and to immediately […]

Euro-Med calls to Suspend EU-Iraq Partnership

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor said that the continuation of the European Union's implementation of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with Iraq in the light of the security services' continued use of lethal force against the escalating protests does not serve the goals and values of promoting human rights principles and spreading democracy in the […]

Euro-Med highlights Kidnapping of Iraqi Academic

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor denounced the kidnapping of a civil activist and prominent academic in Basra province in Iraq, as well as the arrest campaigns carried out by the Iraqi security services against activists leading peaceful protests against corruption in the country. According to local sources, Kazem Al-Sahlani was kidnapped because of his prominent […]