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FDI Report - Iraq Nearly Triples FDI Projects

Iraq Business News' media partners at fDi Intelligence, by the Financial Times, have issued their new "Global Outlook Report 2011". The report finds that foreign direct investment projects into Iraq  increased by 175% in 2010, albeit from a very low base. Iraq attracted 7% of FDI into the Middle East region in 2010, up from […]

Erbil Ranked 5th for Foreign Direct Investment

An international investment magazine has ranked Erbil in fifth position among top Middle East cities with potential for foreign direct investment. This places Erbil ahead of Muscat and Riyadh. FDI Magazine, a subsidiary of the Financial Times, in this month's edition, ran a feature on Middle East cities of the future, ranking cities by economic […]

Iraq Seeking $200bn in Foreign Direct Investment

Iraq offers $200 billion investment opportunities to foreign investors, making it one of the most lucrative investment destinations in the region, an Iraqi government adviser said on Thurday. "To be or not to be is not the question here as huge investment opportunities do exist in Iraq and the government will ensure the security to […]