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KRG to set up Foreign Loans Committee

Kurdistan Region Council of Ministers on Tuesday held its ordinary meeting, chaired by Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani and attended by Deputy Prime Minister, Qubad Talabani. Prime Minister Barzani shed light on the latest developments in the relations between Kurdistan Regional Government, KRG, and the Iraqi Federal Government, highlighting the differences between the two sides over […]

Iraq to Issue Bonds in August

By John Lee. According to a report from TR Zawya, Iraq is planning to issue a total of $11 billion (13 trillion Iraqi dinars) in bonds in the next two months to cover the state budget deficit. Acting central bank governor Ali Al-Allaq told the news agency that the government would issue around $5 billion in domestic bonds […]

KRG to Enter Bond Market

By Simon Kent. After months of talks, the Kurdish Regional Government says it has authorisation from Baghdad to issue bonds, in a move aimed at easing growing financial pains in the semi autonomous region. According to Bloomberg, the region needs approximately $1.4 billion to balance its books. Quoting IBN blogger Robert Tollast, the report noted how the KRG […]

KRG to Borrow Internationally

By John Lee. BasNews, citing an anonymous source, reports that one German and one American bank have expressed interest in lending to Erbil, if it proves its ability to repay the loan and interest. The KRG Parliament recently passed a bill allowing the government to borrow up to $5 billion (6 trillion iraqi dinars), at […]

Iraq Seeks Credit Rating before Bond Issue

By John Lee. Reuters reports that Iraq is approaching credit rating agencies to obtain a sovereign credit rating as it prepares for its first international bond sale for nine years. Finance Minister Hoshiyar Zebari (pictured) told the news agency: "We started the process ... The banks are also trying to help us in that direction.” […]

Iraq to Issue $5bn in Bonds

By John Lee. Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari (pictured) said on Wednesday that Iraq has decided to issue $5 billion in international bonds, as it attempts to finance a budget deficit of $25 billion for the current year. He told reporters in Washington that negotiations were in progress with Citibank and Deutsche Bank, but according to […]

Kurdish Bond Plan: Financial Folly?

This article was originally published by Niqash. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. The Kurdish Plan To Take Out International Loans: Financial Folly? The past year has done much damage to the economy of Iraqi Kurdistan. And late in 2014 the government of […]

Iraq Bondholders Eye Default Risk

By John Lee. The escalating conflict in Iraq is making holders of the country's international debt nervous about repayment, according to a report from Reuters. The size of Iraq's dollar debt is relatively small - a $2.7 billion bond launched in 2006 in a restructuring of Saddam Hussein-era commercial debt. It is held by investors […]

Worst Week in Year for Iraqi Bonds

By John Lee. Bloomberg reports that Iraqi bonds have had their worst week in a year, as a result of the escalating violence in the country. Yields on January 2028 debt rose five basis points to 6.93 percent, taking this week’s increase to 55 basis points, the most since the period ended June 21, 2013. […]

T Rowe Price takes Profits on Iraq Debt

By John Lee. T Rowe Price has reportedly been selling some of its Iraqi government debt, in anticipation of renewed political turmoil in the country. Investment Week reports that the fund manager has been overweight in Iraq for several years, and at one time was the largest Iraqi debt holder. The company's emerging market debt […]

Iraq Bond Issue Shelved Again

The recent surge in sectarian violence has sent Iraq's bond yields higher, prompting officials to postpone a planned debt sale. Deputy Finance Minister Fadhel Nabi told Bloomberg: “We will definitely issue new bonds, but it will take more time now with all the problems in the country.” The news agency also reports that the yield […]