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Afren Shares Slump, "Unauthorised Payments" Investigated

By John Lee. Shares in Afren plc have fallen by more than 30 percent on the London Stock Exchange on Thursday, following the announcement that the Board has temporarily suspended the CEO, Osman Shahenshah (pictured) and the COO, Shahid Ullah, pending the investigation of alleged “unauthorised payments”. The company has operations at the Barda Rash,  […]

Dunia Weekly Iraq Market Tracker

Advertising Feature Iraq Business News is delighted to bring you the latest Iraq Market Tracker report from Dunia Frontier Consultants. The market tracker highlights the activities and market performance of a basket of publicly traded firms who derive a significant percentage of their revenues from operations in Iraq, but are traded on foreign exchanges: a […]

Will Dana Gas List in London?

Dana Gas, the UAE-headquartered gas company with operations in Iraqi Kurdistan (pictured), may be about to list its shares on the London Stock Exchange. According to a report from Reuters, the the company said the listing will provide a wider investor base and boost share value. Bloomberg, on the other hand, says Dana has yet […]