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Oxfam Supports New Agribusinesses in Iraq

From Oxfam's Iraq Response Innovation Lab: Iraq Response Innovation Lab recently supported 5 innovative projects in the agricultural sector to launch. These 5 projects were all incubated for 10 months and received trainings on Business Models, Business Plans, Budgeting alongside technical training. The incubation started with 60 applications received online. The first phase of the […]

Video: Iraqi Mushroom Farm Reopens

By John Lee. Out of tragedy has come triumph for the Khirbit family and the Hameediyah Mushroom Farm, once one of the largest mushroom farms in the middle east. The family revived their business after receiving a grant and technical assistance from the USAID-Inma Agribusiness Program. (Source: USAID-Inma)

Mosul's Mushroom Farm a First for Iraq

Although they grow wild, mushrooms remain a relatively exotic food in Iraq, according to this report from Niqash. Now one ambitious Mosul man plans to change all that: by starting Iraq’s first mushroom farm. And there are already shoppers queuing for his fungi. The casual observer would be hard pressed to find signs of an […]