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Water Resources Ministry Reclaims 3,500 Hectares in Karbala

The water resources ministry has finalized the reclamation of 14,000 donums [3,500 hectares] in al-Husseiniya area in Karbala province, at a total cost of 11.363 billion Iraqi dinars [$10m], according to a ministry press release. “Technicians and engineers of the ministry’s general organization for irrigation and reclamation projects finalized works of contract 23 of the […]

Mosul Dam Repairs to be Completed by Germans

Atheel Al-Nejaifi, legal eng., Nineveh governor has met German company representatives from "Power", which is under contract to repair the Mosul dam. The company will construct a concrete core in the dam deep beneath the dam’s foundations. Work will start soon once discussions with the water resources ministry are completed. ( Eye media company )

Lack of Water Could Shut Thermal and Hydro Power Plants

Low water levels from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers may force Iraq to shut down its thermal and hydro power plants, a government spokesman said. The spokesman, refusing to be named, said the volume of water reaching Iraq from the two rivers, which originate in Turkey, had fallen to unprecedented levels and may eventually not […]

Chlorine for Baghdad

Baghdad Directorate said that it has received 16000 tonnes of chlorine to antisepticise water at a cost of 20 billion dinars. A source in the directorate said that the chlorine was imported from international manufacturers and will be used to disinfect water produced by Baghdad Directorate to guarantee clean water in compliance with international standards […]

Ministry Cleans Streams

A source in Iraq Ministry of Water Resources said that the Ministry has cleaned streams in Al Zab project in Al Hamadaniah region and Al Namroud neighborhood in Mosul. The aim of these works is to irrigate an area of 12000 dunom. It is to be noted that the Ministry of Water Resources has took […]

Chinese Company Considering Projects in Basra

A Chinese company discussed on Wednesday with the Basra Investment Commission (BIC) implementing projects in electricity, agriculture and transport sectors, head of the BIC said. “The projects include the establishment of a power plant with a production capacity of 600 MW to use it in the oil projects, which are being implemented by foreign companies […]

Electricity Bills Jump

100 percent increases in electricity charges are being received by Iraqis in an attempt to reduce power cuts. Demand has risen since the 2003, but the national grid still only supplies a few hours of electricity a day. The Electricity Ministry announced that it would send invoices on June 1 for the previous two months […]

2 Sewage Projects Completed in Karbala

The extension of two sewage networks has been completed in Karbala at a cost of 32 billion Iraqi dinars , the head of the reconstruction and strategic planning committee said on Tuesday. “A local company has finalized the project at a cost of 32.515 billion Iraqi dinars,” Dr. Abbass Nasser Hasani told Aswat al-Iraq news […]

Approval on Service, Hygienic Projects in Basrah

Basrah province council, in its session held at the beginning of the current week, approved 49 water and hygienic projects  which exceeded 130 Billion dinars funded from oil income and province borders taxes. In a statement to the committee, chairman of development and construction in local government Mustafa Ateeh, said to Eye media agency "The […]

Basra Endorses 49 Service Projects

The Basra Provincial Council on Saturday endorsed 49 service projects in the fields of health and water at a total cost of 130 billion Iraqi dinars (ID), financed from oil proceeds and border outlet revenues in the province, according to the council's deputy chairman. "The council approved 27 water projects at 88.6 billion dinars and […]

Gas-fired Power Plant in Hilla

Electricity Minister Karim Wahied on Monday laid the cornerstone of a gas-fired power plant in Hilla at a cost of $84 million. “The plant will work with a total capacity of 250 MW and the project was referred to a Canadian company, which signed the contract a few days ago,” Wahied said at a press […]

Power Station Rehabilitated in Basra

Work has been completed to reinstate a power station in Basra province. “The project was finalized in two months,” a local media source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. He noted that the project’s cost totaledID913 million. ( Aswat Al Iraq )