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Weekly Security Update

National Overview There were 105 incidents reported nationally between 20 – 26 June showing a small decrease in the level of incidents from the previous week when 123 were officially reported. The number of Explosively Formed Projectiles used in that period dropped from eight to two, both of which occurred in Basra, targeting a Private […]


The plateau: How to cope with prolonged insecurity in Iraq

For those who have followed Iraqi security on a daily basis since 2003, if not before, the current security situation in Iraq is nothing short of a miracle. In the dark days of 2006, the daily listing of violent incidents was 150 or 200-long, and we all knew that much of the sectarian cleansing was […]

Top security expert blogs for IBN

Dr Michael Knights, a recognised authority on political and security risks in Iraq, is contributing an expert security blog in IBN starting this week. His firm, Olive Group, also contribute the first of their essential security updates. Unlike many post-2003 analysts of the Iraqi risk environment, Dr Knights has been working on Iraq since the […]


Reading the tea leaves of violence in Iraq

By Dr Mike Knights Is Iraq getting more secure or is it stuck in a violent rut or even slipping backwards?   Getting a straight answer to this question is one of the biggest frustrations for those who are considering visiting Iraq or investing in the country. US and Iraqi leaders cite ongoing improvements in security […]

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Protest at Deteriorating Security Situation

Employees of the State Company for Mechanical Industries in Alexandria organized a sit-in protest on Wednesday against terrorist operations affecting Iraqi workers. Trades unions members of the Iraqi State Company for Mechanical Industries staged a sit-in protest and spoke in memory of victims of terrorism. The statement said the protest came at the invitation of […]

Iraqi Army KillS 4 Terrorists in Tikrit

A security source said that Iraqi army forces clashed with an armed group in a district north of Tikrit in Salahuddin province. The source said the army killed 4 of the terrorists following clashes with an armed group in the district of Shirqat. The source added that the incident took place during raids carried out […]