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Iraqi Court rules against KRG Budget Transfers

By John Lee. Iraq's Federal Supreme Court has ruled that budget payments from the Federal Government in Baghdad to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) are unlawful. In response to the court's decision, the KRG issued a statement strongly opposing this verdict, calling it "unconstitutional and illegitimate". The statement also added: "This court is not constitutionally […]

Public Servants Jailed for Corruption

By John Lee. Karkh anti-corruption central criminal court has recently sentenced several people regarding corruption in office: A manager of the procurement committee in Nineveh was sentenced to two years in prison for submitting fake receipts regarding the shelter of IDPs in the province; The Director General of the Tax Authority in Iraq was sentenced […]

Iraq's Latest Corruption Convictions ...

By John Lee. Iraqi courts have recently sentenced several people regarding corruption in office: The Central Criminal Court has issued two judgments six years in prison against Bahaa Alaa Abd and Ali Saleh Hadi, due to the offense of interference of the first person to appoint the second in the position of Director General of […]

Iraqi Tax Official Jailed for Corruption

By John Lee. Rusafa Criminal Court has sentenced an employee at the Taxes Public Commission to two years of "severe imprisonment" on a charge of bribery. Iraq's Supreme Judicial Council said the man was found guilty of taking IQD18 million from a merchant in order to reduce taxes. (Source: Iraq Supreme Judicial Council)

Iraqi Former Minister Jailed

By John Lee. An Iraqi court has sentenced Riyadh Abdul Hamza Abdul Razaq, ex-Minister of Municipalities and Labour, and Hashem Abdul Zahra Aziz, a director of the Ministry, to two years in prison in relation to a "breach of contract" in the supply and installation of 17 asphalt factories. The contract, signed in 2007, was […]