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IMF Report into Iraq's Customs and Tariffs

By John Lee. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has published a new report into Iraq's customs and tariff arrangements. This report summarizes key findings and recommendations from a remote technical assistance (TA) assignment performed by a short-term expert (STX), Mr. Djamel Bouhabel, from January 17 to February 4, 2021, to the General Customs Authority of […]

Arab League Sets Deadline for Customs Union

Iraq’s commercial attaché in Egypt said on Monday that the Arab League has set a 2012 deadline for the completion of a unified customs table in preparation for the 2015 launch of the Arab Customs Union. “The customs tables include all the goods that are traded in the world, and therefore rerquire enormous effort,” Ali […]

Iraqi Inflation Rises in January

The Ministry of Planning and Development has reported that the inflation rate increased by 2% in January, bringing the rate to 5.8%. Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi told AKnews that the reasons behind the high inflation rate are higher rents and increases in the prices of imported food. The Ministry of Planning and Development in Iraq suggested […]

New Iraqi Import Tariffs - The Full List

Further to our report last week on Iraq's new import tariffs, you can download the new tariff list in English by clicking on the link below: Import tariffs (English version) The Arabic version is contained in 21 large pdf files, and can be downloaded from the Ministry of Finance: Import tariffs (Arabic version) Iraq Business […]

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