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Iraqi Govt approves Protectionist Measures Against Imports

By John Lee. Iraq's Council of Ministers has approved a list of additional import taxes aimed at protecting domestic producers: Imposing an additional customs fee of 65% on "epoxies and modern dyes" imported into Iraq from all countries and manufacturers for four years without reducing it and monitoring the local market while applying the additional […]

Iraq Extends Suspension of Customs Duties on some goods

By John Lee. Iraq has extended its suspension of customs duties on basic commodities such as foodstuffs, construction materials and essential consumables from two months to three months. It has also similarly extended its suspension of the import ban on some goods, including foodstuffs, consumables, and medicines from two months to three months. The initial […]

Iraq to target Import Tariffs

By John Lee. The Iraqi government has said it is taking action to "end exemptions for some goods from import duties to increase income from border crossings". In a statement on Twitter, Minister of Finance Ali Allawi said: "Iraq is facing a dangerous situation; oil revenues are not enough to cover state expenditure, including the […]

Kurdish Companies "moving South" to Avoid Tax

By John Lee. Companies are reportedly relocating from the Kurdistan Region to rest of Iraq in an effort to avoid taxes and customs duties which the Iraqi government charges on goods exported to southern Iraq. According to Kurdish media network Rudaw, the Baghdad government considers goods produced in Iraqi Kurdistan to be foreign, and subject […]

Outgoing Abadi signs blow to Turkish Imports

By Fehim Tastekin for Al Monitor. Any opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. While Turkey was eagerly anticipating a new government in Baghdad to sort out many problems with Iraq, a last minute decision by the outgoing prime minister has added a fresh item […]

KRG and Iraqi Customs Duties to be Unified

By John Lee. Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) will reportedly soon unify customs duties to streamline the system and prevent the double taxation of the Kurdistan Region’s businessmen. According to Rudaw, Erbil and Baghdad have two different customs fees, causing disputes between the two aresa. They previously reached a preliminary agreement on unifying […]

An Evil Plot? Basra Boycotts New Customs Tax

This article was originally published by Niqash. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. An Evil Plot? Iraq's Most Industry-Savvy Province Refuses to Impose Baghdad's New Customs Tax A new customs tax came into effect in August. But in Basra, one of Iraq's busiest […]

Cmte Rejects Govt Request to Delay Customs Law

The economy and investment committee of the Iraqi Council of Representatives announced on Tuesday that it has rejected the government's request to delay the application of the customs law passed in 2008. Committee member Mahma Khalil said, "we fear that the government was put under pressure from traders and some states to reverse the application […]

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Duty Fees Cancelled at Iraqi Ports of Entry

Aswat al-Iraq reports that the Iraqi Ministry of Transport has decided to cancel land customs duties from sea ports of entry. The ports media director told the agency that Minister Hadi al-Ameri decided to cancel these customs in order to encourage merchants to transport their goods through Iraqi ports. Ports used to have land duty […]

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Iraq May Abolish Customs Charges on Syrian Goods

Iraq’s Finance Minister, Rafie al-Issawi (pictured), has discussed with a visiting Syrian delegation in Baghdad on Monday the issue of the abolition of customs charges on all Syrian goods entering Iraq, a Finance Ministry statement reported. “Issawi has received a high-level Syrian economic delegation, and both sides have discussed means for boosting economic and banking […]

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