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Airstrikes Show Pattern of Low Level Conflict

By Simon Kent. Coalition aircraft conducted 4 air strikes against the self declared Islamic State over the past 24 hrs, with "tactical units" being targeted near Ramadi and Hit in Anbar, a front of the Iraqi government and local anti-IS tribes. Another strike hit a tactical unit near Sinjar, which is close to Kurdish Peshmerga […]

ISIS Struggling After Massive Casualties

By Simon Kent.  Outgoing US commander Lieutenant General Sean MacFarland has given a press conference on the state of the self declared Islamic State and the coming campaign to retake Mosul from group. At the conference, he noted that "the enemy is in retreat on all fronts.” The General noted that 30,000 airstrikes had hit […]

Heavy Coalition Air Strikes in Ramadi

By Simon Kent. Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve have released their latest press statement on the most recent air strikes in Iraq and Syria against ISIS, whom they refer to here as ISIL, or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The recent reports of strikes suggest that the so called "Islamic […]

Nine Coalition Strikes Hit ISIS in Iraq

By Simon Kent. The US Department of Defence have announced 9 Coalition air strikes in Iraq, normally indicative of 24hrs of activity, in addition to several strikes launched against ISIS in Syria. The recent strikes indicate a wave of ISIS activity on the northern fronts where the Kurdish Peshmerga are battling ISIS, and at Baiji, […]