Weekly Security Update

Southern Iraq (South Central and South East Regions)

The South Central Region reported a total of 19 incidents this week, which is an increase on last week’s figure and ten more than the current weekly average.  While this figure is the highest of the last twelve months, it should be noted that the relatively low figures recorded in the South Central Region means that small changes can have a disproportionate effect on comparative analysis.  In particular, this week saw two murders and a small, non-lethal IED in Wasit Province; incidents that contributed to the high total but are not assessed to represent serious insurgent related activity. Furthermore there was a spike in reporting on small IEDs and shooting incidents in the north of Babil, with five IEDs, two IED finds and two shooting incidents.  These incidents targeted both ISF and civilians.  While the volume of such incidents appears slightly higher than usual this week, their type and scale is very much in line with the norm for this part of the country.

The South East Region reported four incidents during the period, three in Basra province and one in Dhi Qar.  This is below the weekly average for the region and the South East continues buck the trend seen elsewhere in the country. In Basra City, an IED, a murder and the kidnapping of a local girl were all reported, whilst in Dhi Qar Province, an IED was disarmed outside the residence of a local policeman in the town of Shatra.  In addition to these incidents, security forces in Dhi Qar managed to free a kidnapped female.

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