Weekly Security Update

Northern Iraq (North and North Central Regions – including the KRG)

The Northern Region reported a total of 40 incidents this week, all occurring in Ninawa Province.  While this is some way above the current weekly average, it remains within the normal parameters for the province. Though there was a small increase in the volume of reported attacks, there was no appreciable alteration in their distribution or type.  Most incidents occurred in Mosul and its environs, with over half of all incidents targeting Iraqi Security Forces (ISF).  Civilians were targeted to a lesser extent, and while most of these appear to have reflected communal or domestic disputes, the assassination in Badush of a prominent leader of the Jabour tribe and an attack against a Dawa Party member south of Mosul were of significance. Outside of Mosul there were attacks on ISF in the population centres along the Tigris River Valley and in Tal Afar.  The west of Ninawa Province near the Syrian border remained relatively quiet, with only one SAF incident reported. 

The North Central Region reported a total of 93 incidents this week, a significant increase on last week’s figure and more than double the current weekly average.  This is an exceptionally large figure and marks a return to the higher levels following a lull last week.  Violence was spread broadly throughout the region, with bands of activity seen along the Diyala and Tigris River Valleys, the length of the disputed territories from Khanaqin to Kirkuk, and in the Sunni Arab dominated plane west of Kirkuk City.  There was a broad spectrum of incident type; typically, attacks targeting ISF constituted the largest proportion (48), however there were also a number of mass-casualty attacks targeting civilians and government institutions across the region, in addition to other criminal or community related attacks.  Given this diversity and geographical spread, it is difficult to attribute a single dynamic responsible for the week’s high figure. 

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) – No significant incidents were reported during the period in the provinces that comprise the KRG (Dahuk, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah).

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