Akri Bijeel Oil Block Declared 'Commercial'

By John Lee.

MOL Plc has informed the market that Kalegran Ltd. (a 100% subsidiary of MOL), as has officially declared the Akri Bijeel Block to be 'commercial', based on the discoveries made at the Bijell-1 well (pictured) in Jurassic horizons and Bakrman-1 well in Triassic horizon.

Kalegran is the Operator of the Block on behalf of the Contractor, comprising Kalegran and Gulf Keystone Petroleum International Limited (GKP).

MOL is accelerating its work program through employing additional rigs and plans to submit the Field Development Plan for the whole block by the end of 2014.

Please find below an update on its ongoing work programs in the Akri-Bijeel block:

Operational highlights:

  • Results of the Bakrman-1 exploration well: Triassic Kurra Chine B formation was subject to extended well testing from 25 July until 26 of August 2013. The well test confirmed long term production sustainability. Current tests gave maximum flow rates of 3,192 bbl/d light density oil with average 40⁰ API gravity and 10.19 MMscf/d of sour gas on 64/64" choke. Submission of the Appraisal Work Program is due in Q4 2013. Kurra Chine B formation Discovery is subject to Appraisal Work Program which has been started with a 3D seismic acquisition fully covering the Bakrman structure. Drilling 2 appraisal wells is planned to start in 2014 and we are targeting early oil production around in the first half of 2015. Independently from the Triassic discovery, potential Jurassic reservoirs are also targets of further wells.
  • Appraisal program of Bijell-1 discovery: Kalegran Ltd and its partners are going on with the Appraisal Work Program of the Bijell Field. Extended Well Test ("EWT") facility construction and commissioning was successfully finished. It is capable of handling up to 10,000 bbl/d gross nameplate capacity production on the Bijell-1 site. Due to technical issues a Bijell-1A well sidetrack is required (Bijell-1B), resulting in a delay to the start of the 180 day EWT, this has now been postponed to Q1 2014. Drilling of Bijell-2 appraisal well is ongoing and will be followed with two further appraisal wells. Early oil production could be resumed from Bijell-1B in Q1 2014. Expected EPF rates of 10,000 bbl of oil could be achieved by the end of 2014 through the tie in of three wells (Bijell-2, Bijell-4 and Bijell-6).
  • Rig availability: In order to efficiently progress the planned accelerated work stream we intend to employ 2 more drilling rigs than originally planned and work with 4 rigs by the end of the appraisal programs on the Akri Bijeel block.

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