The Eyes of the World are on Iraq

The eyes of the world are on Iraq at the moment, as the country struggles to contain the advance of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, ISIS). And while the attack on the important oil refinery at Baiji is a setback for the government, many are now of the opinion that ISIS has no realistic chance of taking Baghdad.

More eyes on Iraq also means more eyes on Iraq Business News, as we increase our coverage of events with:

But with all the media attention, it's important to remember that events can swing just as dramatically in the other direction; just as the rise of ISIS took many by surprise, so too could the backlash against them.

In marketing, as in investing, there can be value in contrarianism, in going against the crowd and seeing opportunities where others just see risk. So while this may not look like an obvious time to advertise, getting your company's name in front of all those extra readers now could position it just right for the next phase in Iraq's development.

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