UK Hits IS in Multiple Air Strikes

By Simon Kent.

Following on from France's recent escalation of bombing against the so called "Islamic State" in Syria, the UK appears to have followed suit with a similar escalation in Iraq.

According to a UK Ministry of Defence briefing reported in The Huffington Post, British jets from the Royal Air Force killed at least 30 militants in a series of raids around IS occupied Mosul and the recently liberated Sinjar.

Kurdish fighters called in the air raids, and were able to verify the IS casualties. According to the UK spokesman, IS attempted to use low cloud cover to mask a planned ground assault from aerial attack, but Kurdish "spotters" were able to pass their coordinates to the British.

The heavy British air strikes are a marked change from the UK's air war which has tended to focus on highly pre-planned, isolated strikes. The development follows David Cameron's recent call for new resolve against the terror group, following the series of attacks in Paris that killed over 130 people.

Source: The Huffington Post.

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