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Iraq Business News brings you the latest news of investments in Iraq, highlighting the many opportunities that exist.

No easy fix for corrupt state banks

Last month, on the occasion of Rafidain Bank’s 69th anniversary celebration, the chairman reported that the bank was looking forward to implementing its new IT system “as soon as possible.”  The system, which includes the Mysis products “Bankmaster” and “Branchpower,” is supposed to increase efficiency and reduce operational risk by bringing together information throughout the […]

An Apocalypse with a Silver Lining

By Mark DeWeaver Iraq faces a big downside risk from the European sovereign debt crisis—perhaps an even bigger risk than that of renewed sectarian violence. While Iraq’s limited financial links to the outside world make it immune to contagion through the banking sector, sustained debt deflation in Europe would result in a big drop in […]

Read our new Expert blogger on economics and finance starting this week

The sovereign debt crisis in Europe could be bad news for the Iraqi economy if it leads to a sustained bear market in oil.  But a more likely outcome is that the crisis will cause central banks to continue their ultra-loose monetary policy, thereby benefiting Iraq by keeping oil prices high. Our new expert Blogger, […]

Hundreds of Turkish Firms Invest in Iraqi Kurdistan

Hundreds of Turkish firms have flocked to the semi-independent Kurdish enclave in northern Iraq, benefiting from a newly issued law easing curbs on foreign investments. Latest figures by the Kurdistan Investment Commission show that more than half of the foreign firms in the enclave are Turkish. In a statement, the commission said there were 620 […]


Kurdistan Full of Promising Investment Opportunities

According to a report from Aswat Al Iraq, Emirati businessmen said that there are promising investment opportunities in Kurdistan region, mainly in tourism, real estate, oil and agriculture sectors. A total of 41 Emirati businessmen and economic figures took part in the trade forum held in Erbil, with the participation of Prime Minister of Kurdistan […]