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Baiji Refinery Recaptured

By John Lee. Security sources report that the Iraqi army has broken the five-month-long seige of Baiji [Beiji, Bayji] oil refinery in Salahadin province. Baiji is the largest town to be recaptured from Islamic State (IS) fighters since its offensive across northern Iraq in June. Xinhua News Agency suggests that the capture of Baiji would […]

Salahaddin Province Declares Autonomy

The provincial council of Iraq's Sunni Arab majority Salahaddin province voted on Thursday to declare the province an administratively and economically autonomous region within the “Unified Iraq”, similar to Kurdistan, according to reports from AFP and Al Sumaria. However, for the decision to take effect, it must still be approved in a referendum by residents […]

Sonoro Signs Asphalt License Agreement

Sonoro announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Sonoro Energy Iraq, and its partner, Berkeley Petroleum Mesopotamia Asphalts Limited (together, the "Licensee"), have signed an Asphalt License Agreement (the "Agreement") with the Al-Salah ad Din Provincial Government in the Republic of Iraq. The Salah ad Din Province lies just to the North of Baghdad and lies […]