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Government of Iraq Releases 2014 Casualty Data

By Patrick Schmidt. According to figures from the Iraqi government, at least 15,000 individuals have been killed since the start of the year. Many of those individuals died following the rise of the Islamic State (IS) in June. This year’s figure is a sharp increase from 2013, when only 6,522 people were killed by violence […]

New Bridge Opens in Salahaddin

Iraq's Ministry of Housing and Construction has completed the Shirqat Concrete Bridge project in Salahaddin province, at a cost of 11 billion Iraqi dinars ($9.2 million). A statement from the Ministry said that the bridge will contribute to smoothing traffic flow in the region, and will help the economy by improving the transportation of commodities […]

China's CMEC Wins $1.2bn Power Project

China Machinery Engineering Corp (CMEC) signed a $1.19 billion contract to build a 1,260-megawatt power station in Iraq, according to Gulf News. The Beijing-based company will install the natural-gas-fired plant in the Salahuddin governorate north of the Iraqi capital within 45 months, Mussab Serri, an Electricity Ministry spokesman, said in an interview during the signing ceremony […]

Salahaddin Province Declares Autonomy

The provincial council of Iraq's Sunni Arab majority Salahaddin province voted on Thursday to declare the province an administratively and economically autonomous region within the “Unified Iraq”, similar to Kurdistan, according to reports from AFP and Al Sumaria. However, for the decision to take effect, it must still be approved in a referendum by residents […]

Sonoro Energy Granted Permit for Iraq Project

Sonoro Energy Ltd has announced that it has now received an investment permit from the provincial governorate of Salah ad Din [Salahadin, Salahaddin] allowing the Company to proceed with its asphalt (heavy oil) project. This permit allows Sonoro to immediately commence operations and allows for the importation of necessary equipment and personnel. Finally, this permit […]

Swedish and Turkish Companies Consider Tikrit Investment

The governorate of Salahaddin province said on Tuesday that representatives from Swedish and Turkish companies have met with senior council officials to discuss the implementation of a variety of strategic investment projects in the province. Salahaddin Governor’s first deputy, Ahmed Abdul-Jabbar al-Karim, told AKnews that the companies concerned specialize in 'economy' and construction. “The Governor […]

Salahadin Negotiates with Kurdistan on Tozkhormato Oil

Salahadin Province Council decided last week to form committees in order to negotiate with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) about drilling for oil in the Tozkhormato region [Tuz Khormato]. Provincial Council member Damen Alaiwi told Alsumaria News that the council decided the plan in order to give people living in that region the right to […]