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Iraq to Boost Air Defences from Supplementary Budget

By John Lee. The Iraqi government has agreed to allocate additional funds from the supplementary budget to boost its air defences. Mr. Ali Mohsen Al-Allaq, the Secretary General to the Council of Ministers, said the country's sovereignty requires that its airspace should not be violated, a fear that was expressed by Acting Minister of Defense Mr. […]

Iraq Probes Corruption in Military Deal

A member of Iraq's Integrity Committee, Aliya Nassif confirmed on Wednesday that the committee is investigating possible financial corruption in a deal by the previous government's Defense Ministry to buy military equipment from Serbia. Nassif told AKnews that the Ministry of Defense in the former government had contracted with Serbia to buy arms for the […]

Over $100m New Arms Sales to Iraq

The United States Department of Defense has issued notification of proposed sales of arms from the US to Iraq. General Dynamics is to be the prime contractor on a $36m deal for the supply of ammunition for Iraq's Abrams M1A1 tanks (pictured). The sale consists of: 14,010 TP-T M831A1 120mm Cartridges; 16,110 TPCSDS-T M865 120mm […]

Pentagon Plans $4.2bn Arms Sales to Iraq

The Pentagon issued a proposal on Monday to sell weapons worth $4.2bn to Iraq, including 18 F-16 fighter aircraft, Sidewinder air-to-air missiles, laser-guided bombs and reconnaissance equipment, according to a report from the Financial Times. The Pentagon said the proposed arms sales would make Baghdad “a more valuable partner in an important area of the […]