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Water Loss could lead to Security Risks

By John Lee. Research has found that the Tigris-Euphrates Basin -- comprising Turkey, Syria, Iraq and western Iran -- is losing water faster than any other place on the planet except northern India. According to the UN Development Progamme (UNDP), while scientists have been able to record falling water levels, political analysts have simultaneously observed […]

Terrorists Release Video of Turkish Hostages

By Robert Tollast. A militia group calling itself "Firqat al Mawt" or "Death Division" has released a video (still shown above) of 18 Turkish construction workers who were kidnapped from their living quarters near Sadr City. The men were in Iraq working on the construction of a football stadium, in an area with high unemployment and […]

Karbala Locals Plan Ahead for Serious Drought

This article was originally published by Niqash. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. A Cruel, Cruel Summer? In Karbala, Iraq, Locals Plan Ahead for Serious Drought The district of Husseiniya, north-east of the southern Iraqi city of Karbala, used to look more like […]

Texas Firm wins Deal for Tiger Cutters

By John Lee. Texas Aquatic Harvesting Inc., an aquatic vegetation removal company, is reportedly working on a $2-million (2.3 billion Iraqi dinar) deal with the Iraqi government for 10 tiger cutters. Tiger cutters are 21-foot-long vessels that clear waterways using a pair of blades affixed to their front to shred overgrown vegetation. The company employs […]

Militants Close Euphrates River Dam

By John Lee. Militants have reportedly closed the Euphrates River dam they control in Iraq, cutting off a major source of water for central and southern Iraq. AFP reports that militants had previously cut the flow of water through the dam near the city of Fallujah several weeks ago, but reopened it when water accumulated […]

Turkey's Approach Toward Shiites will Reduce Sectarianism

By Ali Mamouri for Al-Monitor. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. Turkey's Approach Toward Iraq's Shiites will Reduce Sectarianism For the first time in modern Turkish history, a high-ranking Turkish official, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu (pictured), visited the Shiite holy cities of Najaf […]

Water Levels Fall at Key Iraqi Dams

The Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources announced on Monday a significant decline in water levels in the country’s strategic Mosul and Haditha (pictured) dams due to a lack of rainfall in the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and a reduction in water flow from Turkey, Syria and Iran. Director of Projects Ali Hashim told AKnews that […]

Water Supply Problems in Maysan

The volume of waters from the Tigris River reaching Iraq has been receding to the extent that several water purification plants in the Province of Missan [Maysan] are running without water. Mohannad Kadhem, the head of water purification and distribution in the southern province, said the problem started with tributaries belonging to the river feeding […]

Iraq Disputes so-called 'Friendship Dam'

According to a report from AK News, the Iraqi government has increased its diplomatic efforts with Syria and Turkey regarding their plans for the Tigris River. "Iraq will form a delegation of experts in the fields of water and agriculture to visit Turkey, Syria and Iran soon, to persuade those countries on the size of […]