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Donors Pledge $2.1 bn, More Expected

By Simon Kent. Supranational organizations and countries at the US State Department organized Washington donor conference have made pledges of hundreds of millions of dollars for Iraq. This will take some financial strain off the Iraqi government as it struggles to assist over 3 million displaced people, amid slumped oil revenue and ongoing war expenditure. […]

Baghdad Christmas Celebrations Have Deeper Meaning

By Simon Kent. Christmas has been celebrated in Baghdad for centuries, but over time the small Christian minority has been dwindling at an alarming rate, especially since they have been singled out by ISIS. There are now thought to be only half a million Christians left in Iraq, out of a population that was once […]

US Delivers Critical Winter Relief Supplies

The United States Delivers First Shipment of Critical Winter Relief Supplies for Iraq Humanitarian Crisis, With More to Follow On December 1, the United States began providing urgently needed winter relief supplies in Erbil to help people affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis caused by Da’esh attacks, launching a larger U.S. effort to help internally […]

Re-settling refugees: Iraq's endgame?

By Robert Tollast. Loveday Morris, who usually reports on Iraq for The Washington Post, has written an engaging piece on the returning "internally displaced persons" or IDPs, to Tikrit following the expulsion of Islamic State forces in the town. Morris' piece touches on some of the nuance that is often lost in reporting on Iraq. For […]