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Humanitarian Crisis Warning for Mosul Offensive

By Simon Kent. Amnesty International, the world-wide human rights organization, has published a report warning of imminent humanitarian crisis as the offensive to liberate Mosul from the self declared Islamic State gathers momentum. The organization also warned the current humanitarian emergency, which has seen at least 3 million Iraqis displaced from their homes, is severely […]

Donors Pledge $2.1 bn, More Expected

By Simon Kent. Supranational organizations and countries at the US State Department organized Washington donor conference have made pledges of hundreds of millions of dollars for Iraq. This will take some financial strain off the Iraqi government as it struggles to assist over 3 million displaced people, amid slumped oil revenue and ongoing war expenditure. […]

Iraq: $4bn Needed For Refugees

By Simon Kent. Iraq's Ministry of Migration has announced that without a surge in extra funding, the country will struggle to accommodate and provide for over 1.5 million Syrian refugees and Iraqi "internally displaced people" (IDPs) both within Iraq and the Kurdish autonomous north. Iraq's refugees are divided with the Kurdish region hosting about 46% […]

Kuwait Commits $200 million for IDPs

By Simon Kent. The Kuwaiti government has announced that $200 million will be dispersed to internally displaced people--refugees-- throughout the south, centre and north of Iraq. The aid will be distributed through the Kuwaiti Red Crescent and assist some of the 5 million conflict displaced people within Iraq. According to the Kuwaiti Red Crescent, the […]

WHO in Aid Warning

By Simon Kent. The World Health Organization, long critical to internally displaced people in conflict zones and known for stemming epidemics and hunger during times of crisis, is facing a critical funding shortfall in Iraq. The BBC has reported the WHO may have to shut down many of its health clinics, some in critical areas […]

UK Cuts Aid to Iraq

Britain's International Development Secretary, Andrew Mitchell (pictured), announced on Tuesday the key outcomes of two aid reviews and set out the results that UK aid will deliver for the world's poorest people over the next four years. These ambitious reviews of DFID's [Department for International Development] country programmes and funding to international organisations will, according […]

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