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Another Expo, Another $50m Invested in Iraq

 It may be that the International DBX Trade Fair in Sulaymaniyah city in the Kurdistan region was one trade fair too many in Iraq, as it was unable to draw in the numbers that it wanted to in the four days to Sunday, 14th November. And yet, despite being held in the middle of nowhere easy […]

Karbala Gets More Money for Investment

The city of Karbala in central Iraq has stretched its 90bn-dinar budget ($75m) to hundreds of investment projects and has now been granted another 12bn dinars ($10m) by Iraq's Finance Ministry. As our blogger Stewart Blair wrote this month: "UAE property developers/investors have been active in the south where mixed use developments in Karbala are springing up […]

Kurdistan Development to Continue Unabated

Urban and economic progress in Kurdistan continues with many relatively stable areas and regional policy both being attractive to foreign investment. Developments in oil, too, will not be affected by delays in forming the next Iraqi government, the local government says. The Kurdistan Regional Government points to its profit-friendly legislation including ten-year tax breaks and land set aside […]

Baghdad International Fair in 3 Weeks

More than 300 companies from twelve different countries will be attending the Baghdad International Fair, Aswat Al Iraq reports. The annual fair will last for ten days and begins on the 1st November 2010. Mohammad Hannoun, spokesperson for the Ministry of Trade, told AKnews: "The ministry has invited a number of companies, including the countries […]

Economist: Iraq Lacks Plan to Develop Industry

An Iraqi economist blamed the high unemployment rate in the country on the government’s failure to develop the industries and reduce food imports, according to a report from AKnews. “The Iraqi government has failed significantly to rescue Iraq from being the main country in the region in terms of consumption of imported foods. There is […]

Economist Calls for New Border Crossings

An Iraqi economic expert has called on the government to use the border areas to support the Iraqi economy and to create more border crossings for trade. "Over the years, Iraq has not pushed hard enough to open commercial markets with the surrounding countries”, Ali Ke Ji, an Iraqi economic expert, said on Sunday. "We […]

Talabani Calls for Enhanced Trade Ties with Iran

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani met with an Iranian official on Sunday to discuss bilateral economic relations and ways to expand trade between the two countries, according to a presidential press release. “Talabani welcomed Ali Agha Muhammadi, the economic assistant to the first vice president of Iran, and his accompanying delegation, and expressed Iraq’s keenness on […]

Security Still a Deterrent, but Perceptions Improving

A new survey of senior businesspeople by the Economist Intelligence Unit finds that investor perceptions of Iraq are slowly improving, despite the country’s many problems. Preliminary results from our survey of 300 executives – all of whom have direct input into their company’s decisions on doing business in the Middle East – show that the […]

Successful Baghdad Trade Show

More than 120 companies and almost 100 Iraqi business and government representatives participated in a catalogue show in Baghdad on Sunday the 20th June. The event was managed and organised by Upper Quartile and co-sponsored by the U.S. Embassy Baghdad, Baghdad Provincial Reconstruction Team, and G4S. It was another first for Upper Quartile, a follow on […]

Turkish Minister Targets $20bn Investment in Iraqi Kurdistan

At the Turkey- Kurdistan Regional Economic Forum held this week in Erbil, Kurdish and Turkish entrepreneurs and businessmen met to discuss possible future joint investment projects in Kurdistan Region. During the meeting, Turkey's Foreign Trade Minister, Zafar Çaglayan, also declared that his country seeks to increase investment by Turkish companies in the region to US$20 […]

Head of Basra Investment Commission "Dismissed ... Re-appointed"

According to several sources, the administration of Basra province council has dismissed the director of Basra Investment Commission, Dr. Haider Ali Fadhil. Ahmed Ali, a member of the committee, was appointed in his place. Meanwhile, Alsumaria TV reports that Dr. Fadhil was dismissed by Basra's governor, but that the Council has objected to the dismissal […]

Turkey-Iraq Trade Volume $6 Billion

Turkey's Trade Ministry has declared that the trade volume between Turkey and Iraq has exceeded $6 billion this year, up from only $940 million in 2003. In a press release by Turkish Ministry of Trade, commercial ties between Turkey and Iraq have developed dramatically in the recent years. The indicators show that bilateral the trade […]