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UK Firms Invited To Explore Opportunities In Kurdistan

The Middle East Association has this message for UK businesses looking for growth opportunities: Dear Members and Friends, The MEA, in partnership with UK Trade & Investment, Invest Northern Ireland and the Kurdistan Regional Government, will be leading a Trade Delegation to Iraqi Kurdistan from 23rd to 28th October to coincide with the seventh Erbil […]

Dozens Of Countries Flock To Iraq

Just this week, we have seen a United Arab Emirates firm invest in a new Iraqi oil refinery, a German company discussing investing in Basram, and a Korean company building 25 power stations. On top of that, there have been Iranian gas deals amd Saudi Arabian interest in Iraqi telecoms, plus both British and Turkish […]

Iraq To Stop Being World's Garbage Dump

The three-day Conference on the Economic Future of Iraq began on Tuesday with representation from the World Bank and the Iraqi parliament. Parliament Speaker Usama al-Nujaifi said that "Iraq has turned into the world's garbage dump through bad commodities that were imported, a matter would have not existed were it not for legislative shortcomings." Yet […]

Kurdistan Will Expand Faster Than Dubai

US companies are put off from investing in Kurdistan by security fears, even though the Iraqi region is relatively safe and stable. Iranian businesses are more aware of the lower risks in this part of the country and are desperate to invest and take advantage of its heavy investment and rapid growth, despite tax and […]

The Best is to Come in 2011

2010 saw hundreds of trade agreements signed, a score of new consulates opened, and dozens of countries and thousands of companies scrambling to get in on the Iraq story. Inflation has remained low all year and exchange rates have been stable. The oil price averaged $15-$20 above the $62.50 price allowed for in the Iraq budget. […]

Security Versus Productivity

As Baghdad ponders fewer checkpoints, oil exports sent by sea face more checks. The capital has 870 security checkpoints, which have been blamed for slowing an already congested city down and inhibiting productivity. Some commuters must stop at half a dozen checkpoints each morning, sometimes waiting for an hour at just one of them. Many residents find […]

Basra Could Become Semi-Autonomous

With a new Iraqi government now finally formed, Basra's desire for a referendum on becoming semi-autonomous may finally get past Baghdad's stalling tactics. The Iraqi constitution allows provinces to become semi-autonomous, just like the northern region of Kurdistan. The Associated Press reported on the pros and cons, writing that Basra would be able to stop […]

Turkish and French Companies Most Active in Iraq

An economic adviser in the Iraqi government said on Friday that, of all countries having companies operating in Iraq, Turkey is the best represented, followed by France. Salam al-Quraishi told AKnews that there are now 270 Turkish companies operating throughout Iraq, mostly specialized in construction of residential complexes and providing electrical power. "French companies are […]

Trade with Turkey Triples

Committees don't just sit around in Iraq. On 19th October the Iraqi government created a committee to increase business and economic relations with Turkey. Now, a member of the committee has said that the two countries are going to increase commercial exchange up to $12bn in 2011, reports AKNews. This is a more than three-fold increase on previous […]

Australia supports Iraq WTO membership

An Iraqi ministry has said that Australia supports its quest for World Trade Organisation membership, according to NINA. WTO membership will significantly boost investment in Iraq as well as increasing its access to goods and services due to fewer restrictions from WTO member countries. WTO membership takes almost as long to attain as agreement at a UN […]