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Kurdish Crude Oil Still Smuggled to Iran

Despite a pledge by Iraqi Kurdistan to crack down on the flow of fuel being smuggled to Iran, the only real impediment truck drivers say they face are long lines that force them to wait for days to cross, according to a report from Reuters. Perhaps around 100 tanker trucks corralled into groups of 10 […]

Maliki Urges Iranian Companies to Invest in Iraq

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki called on Iranian companies to contribute in the reconstruction operations in Iraq, according to a statement of his office. “This came during al-Maliki’s meeting with Iranian Ambassador to Baghdad, Hussein Qomi [Hassan Kazemi Qomi] , at the end of his term in the country,” said the statement received by Aswat […]

Qadisiyah Govt and Iranian Companies Agree on Investment

A preliminary agreement was concluded between Qadisiyah local government and a group of Iranian companies to invest in the province, the director of the Investment Committee in Diwaniyah reported on Monday. "The Investment Committee and the head of Qadisiyah council met a delegation from a group of Iranian companies to discuss the possibility of investing […]

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$300m "Squandered" in Diyala for Electricity

An advisor to the governor of Diyala revealed on Thursday that the sum of $300 million was “squandered” in payments to Iran for the supply of electricity. “Iran’s Karmanshah line that supplies Diyala with electric power since 2004 caused the waste of $300 million paid to the Iranians, despite beign a mediocre service that provides […]

Iran's TCI Offers to Help Iraq Telecom Sector

The managing director of the Telecommunication Company of Iran in Kurdestan province, Mohammad Saeed Ahmadi, told Fars News Agency that his company was ready to help upgrade the telecommunication infrastructure and fiber-optic systems in Iraq's northern regions. "In addition to fiber-optic projects, we have the ability to undertake all kinds of telecom activities in the […]

Iran to Supply Electricity to Northern Iraq

(Source: IRNA) IRNA, the Iranian news agency, reports that the Islamic Republic of Iran is willing to supply electricity to northern Iraq. The managing director of Kurdistan's electricity department said the Iranian electricity distribution company will supply electricity to the Iraqi national grid at the border town of Bashmag, in northern Iraq. "According to an […]

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Iran Exports 1.5 Million Litres of Fuel a Day to Iraq

Iran has agreed to ship 1.5 million liters of fuel to breathe life into some Iraqi power plants made idle due to fuel shortages. The agreement was struck during a visit by a high level Iraqi delegation to Tehran, a statement by the Ministry of Electricity said. The agreement comes as power outages have worsened […]

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