Al-Maliki's New Program For Government

7. Concentration of a culture of tolerance, fraternity and non-violence to promote civil peace and addressing the cracks caused by the sectarian strife in the social fabric and work to foster a spirit of moderation.

8. Maintain efforts to achieve better relations with the vicinity of Iraq and the Arab regional and international openness to the world, and solve the outstanding problems with neighboring countries left behind by the former regime, and closer ties between Iraq and the international community, especially with its neighbors on the basis of mutual respect and common interests, and non-interference in internal affairs and work on Control the international borders and crossing points and the activation of its own constitutional articles

9. Strengthen security successes, political and diplomatic achievements of the Government of National Unity in the signing of the withdrawal of foreign troops according to the announced schedule and the restoration of national sovereignty, and its success in lifting the international sanctions imposed on Iraq because of the policies of the dictatorial regime, and take advantage of the position of the international community in support of the political process and the Iraqi government in achieving Further gains in different areas to help Iraq return to normal politically and economically, security, and strengthen its position regionally and internationally.

10. Completion of armed forces and security services on a national basis and professional away from the narrow belongingness and commitment with law to combat terrorism and crime and to address each of the more than on the laws, and to support and strengthen the capacity of military equipments with weapons and equipment and supplies needed to perform its core mission to protect national sovereignty.

11. Extend authority of law and bear arms, however, the State and to reject any military activity or security by any party and not allow politicizing the security services and lawlessness, and activating the principle of compliance with the law and respect for human rights by security forces.

12 - The judiciary is independent and must be supported and the imposition of prestige and respect and shared commitment to facilitate the task of independent regulatory bodies and to overcome the difficulties encountered in their work and activating the role of the judiciary and oversight in the fight against corruption and crime.

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