Al-Maliki's New Program For Government

36 - Supporting universities and supporting independence and the development of scientific research institutions, and to review the educational curricula at all levels so that they keep abreast of scientific developments and rid them of fascist and sectarian ideology so as to enhance national unity.

37 - continue to support the scientific talent and bands of teachers and university professors, their salaries and improve their living standards, and the provision of living conditions, adequate housing, and provide appropriate conditions for the return of migrant brains.

38 - Promoting role of civil society organizations and help them open new horizons for it to be effective and supportive of the effort the government and the different state institutions and advocate for the citizen by the Constitution and the law.

39 - Media Support and enable the Iraqi media to perform their oversight role and responsible freedom of adequate security conditions and strengthening the role of the press in nation-building and reform of society as a fourth power, and to invite local media organizations and foreign media to adhere to standards.

40 - Respect for media pluralism and freedom of expression and considered as essential pillars to support the political process and the democratic experience.

41 - to provide support for writers, intellectuals, artists, poets, pioneers and innovators in all areas and scientific disciplines and technical assistance for upgrading scientific, intellectual and humanitarian.

42 – Iraq is well known as the cradle of civilization and the country of culture, thus, government will seek to build and expand cultural institutions across the country and support various cultural activities on the basis of freedom of thought and commitment to constitutional limitations.

43 - Government will continue national partnership to continue to resolve problems between the federal government and regional governments and governorates not organized in a region according to the Constitution and the law of the provincial councils.

Maliki concluded with commemorating Iraqi martyrs' sacrifices, and thanks to highest Marjiaya personalities in Najaf, especially Ali al-Sistany, in addition to wishing best of luck to new ministers in their tasks.

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