Al-Maliki's New Program For Government

13 - Care to holy shrines, mosques, churches and houses of worship, and reconstruction and providing full support for their security and the security of visitors, and the development of religious tourism.

14 - Adoption of the principle of balance and efficiency in the management of the country and the distribution of responsibilities and employment in government departments, army and police and security agencies and embassies, to achieve equity in participation and improve the standard of professional performance requirement of commitment to efficiency, integrity and professionalism.

15 - Complete national reconciliation project, which we started 2006, which has achieved great success and further to achieve the full objectives and open new horizons for relations between the forces and the national parties and the removal of the effects of sectarian and ethnic by the policies of the former regime and the criminal practices committed by terrorist organizations.

16 - Follow-up to the implementation of the oil and gas contracts signed by national unity government with major international companies in raising Iraq's oil production to the levels and ceilings agreed time over the proceeds of Iraq, the financial wealth of oil and gas and work on the diversification of their revenue through the development of agriculture, industry and tourism.

17 - Liberation of the Iraqi economy from the central system to a market economy and encourage the private sector and protection systems and laws to be a strong partner in the process of construction and reconstruction.

18 - Stabilize Iraqi economy and keep the national currency and prevent inflation, and to address the phenomenon of unemployment through the provision of employment opportunities in the private and public sectors.

19 - Development of industrial and commercial sectors and the expansion of transport networks, land, sea and air, note that the industrial side is suffering from vandalism and neglect and in need of a new strategy.

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