Al-Maliki's New Program For Government

20 - Accelerate development and upgrading of services in the areas of health, electricity, water and sanitation, and to accelerate the implementation of the projects contracted in the previous government.

21 - National campaign to urge citizens to cooperate with government institutions and security services and the rationalization of consumption of energy and water and protect the infrastructure of state institutions and the maintenance and protection of archaeological sites.

22 - Activate and encourage investment and attract capital, national and foreign to build housing units for different income levels, and build housing units for the poor and families of martyrs and prisoners, based on the achievements in the government of national unity in the field of investment, legislation, special law, which represents a strong base to launch the process of developing the housing sector.

23 - Enact directions of the state interest in the agriculture sector, as an important resource to support the economic sector, providing an opportunity to achieve food security and create jobs, improve the environment and climate, through initiatives to support scientific research and bringing in companies worldwide experience in the field of agriculture and agricultural development according to scientific bases.

24 – Resume efforts in the use of modern systems for irrigation, agriculture and investment optimization of our water resources and land reclamation.

25 - Developing a system to activate projects in the cities and rural villages and to provide appropriate services to them and compensation for the deprivation suffered by the great policy of deliberate neglect by the previous regime in the areas of health, education and roads.

26 - Improving the system of solidarity and social security to tackle poverty and underdevelopment afflicting the underprivileged classes.

27 - Exit the files on the internally displaced that were forced by terrorism to leave their towns and homes and the provision of adequate employment opportunities and achieving security and all that would ensure their legitimate rights.

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