Al-Maliki's New Program For Government

28 - Pay attention to women and to ensure that its political role and leadership as it represents an important segment and spacious store a lot of energy and talent and a rich source for the construction of the state and society, along with interest in child and family to build a healthy society coherent according to the values that our society believes in Iraq.

29 - Government is committed to the allocation of economic resources to provide appropriate support for the sports sector and young people are our future and the base construction, reconstruction and development, and strive to provide favorable conditions to make the most of their energies in all areas.

30 - Government will continue national partnership to continue to solve problems and complete the legislation governing the relationship between the federal government and regional governments, governorates, and to invite the House of Representatives to complete the legislation of important laws such as oil and gas law and the financial resources and the laws of ministries, institutions and public bodies, and dozens of bills referred by the Government of National Unity Previous to the House of Representatives.

31 - Setting up effective mechanisms to monitor spending and address the administrative and financial corruption and activate their own constitutional articles and pledge to abide by and support institutions of integrity, transparency, and away from political differences and partisan.

32 - Reconsidering the law on elections and support the independence and impartiality of the Electoral Commission to ensure its efficiency and impartiality.

33 – Plans of bigger role to Iraqi tribes, as they constitute a solid base for the unity of these components, we would have to interest in participation and organization of tribes, to protect Iraq's unity and integrity of social structure as stipulated by the Constitution.

34 - Protection of Iraqi society practices that are inconsistent with the Constitution and religious values and morals, which are known by the Iraqi society and activating the existing laws to deal with any breach in this area.

35 - Tackling setbacks and the decline in the educational process and suffered from Iraqi universities during the previous government, which was a model in the region and work to raise the scientific level and provide support and providing the requirements of progress and modernization of curricula and openness and communication with the world to catch up with evolution.

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